Best way to ship Maggie 1.6's?

For those of you who have sold/shipped these speakers I'd appreciate it if you can tell me how you shipped them. I have them boxed in original boxes and am planning to ship them FEDEX ground, but thought I'd check for advise/experiences prior to shipping. Thanks.
add one cut to size sheet of 1/8" plywood to the face of each side of the box inside. It will protect the panels.
Make sure you have slowly put the mag stips on the tweets.

Us care or you'll destroy the tweets. Advise the buyer to remove slowly as well or he/she will destroy the tweets.

If possible double box with another slightly bigger box, and no don't ask me where you'd find such a beast.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and investigate companies other than UPS and FedEx for such a large and delicate product. You can pretty much forget about any resolution with damage with FedEx and it is not a very pretty process with UPS either.

I have to believe that unless you are far out in the boonies, it should be fairly easy to find a buyer who can pick these up.