Best way to ship LPs?

Any suggestions for boxing/shipping LPs at PO? I have used USPS priority Mail boxes but that can get expensive. What boxes/methods have you used??

I shipped Albums a full box with Priority Mail ..No Problem.............I have had best luck with Priority Mail ... by far better than UPS and FED EX.......
How many are you shipping at a time?
Are you selling LPs, thus meaning you are selling just one or two at a time, or are you shipping your entire collection?

If your are only shipping a couple at a time, here is a link to the type of boxes that most of the LPs that I buy on Ebay come packaged in.

Cardboard boxes

If you are shipping large quantities of LPs, I would highly recommend that you double box them with lots of padding, (and pack them tight), to minimize the risk of damage. (LPs are pretty heavy in bulk form, like books are, so make sure you use sturdy, heavy duty boxes.)

As far as shipping methods are concerned, I've had really good luck in recieving LPs via USPS Media mail, which is the cheapest (and slowest) method available. (I have had a couple of bad experiences, but that was due to poorly packaged LPs, (i.e a seller just slapping a couple of pieces of cardboard on both sides of the LP and shoving it into a mailing envelope.) If a record is truly something special to me, I will pay the extra money and request priority mail from the USPS. (I've never had a problem with their priority mail service.)

Good Luck, and remember, that I am basing my recommendations on my experiences as a buyer of single LPs, and not as a seller. (So I don't ship LPs, nor do I have experience in bulk shippings.)
I am shipping single LPs most of the time ....
Media Mail is a safe and inexpensive way to Ship to US locations . Normal Media Mail of 1 LP to any US destination is about $2.58 . Priority Mail can run as high as $8.00 depending on the 2 locations . I normally offer both as options and let the buyer pay the costs . Another good idea is to use Delivery Confirmation which adds another $.75 to the Cost . This will let you Track the Delivery on the USPS Website .

I always use Cardboard LP Mailers that can hold 1 - 4 LPS and availible on eBay and other places . Do a Search . You can buy 12 1/2 Cardboard packing Filler Pads here . I use 2 per . The total cost per package is $.75 to $1.25 depending on the quantity you purchase .

Overseas purchases are a whole different ballgame .
Many thanks to all for the great responses!
Outdoor temp is important.
Getting an LP sent from Arizona in August, it was a melted mess. I guess it sat in a hot sealed 178F truck for a few days?? Also midwinter at zero, a small wack can shatter an LP. Ship in the moderate temp Spring, Fall, or sent it 2 day delivery or better.