Best way to ship and pack Maggies

I agree to sell and ship my Magges 1.6 QR to the buyer in another state. As these speakers are very notorious for being delicate and a real pain to ship. I wonder if experienced seller could recommend me on this?

I have original packaging, but not really sure if they are enough to protect the speakers. Magnepan told me they use ground UPS to ship thier maggies all the time with no problems.

I was thinking about have them pofessionally packed, but as the size is wierd so I don't think they could do much better than me.

Any thought on this, how to pack and which is the best curier to ship them through?

Thanks a lot,

I have shipped Magnepan a pair 2.7QR's, 3.3R's and 1.6QR successfully from California to the east coast using the original packaging. I also used both strong shipping tape and a hand binding strap tool to secure the boxes closed. My palce of work had this tool and binding straps. It helped, but it was not completely necessary.

For the 1.6QR and the 2.7QR I used Fed ex ground. The 3.3R I had to use Dawes Trucking which will ship to most locations, but not all. Fed Ex was about $55 and $90 to ship, $150 to ship the 3.3R. Since the 1.6QR or the 2.7QR do not use Ribbon there is no ribbon cover to protect.

The main thing is to secure the speakers well. If the boxes are marginal condition, maybe use an extra sheet of cardboard on each side of the speakers. You can get this from any warehouse store or electronics warehouse for free. I know there have been some problems shipping magnepans, but heck Magnepan does it all the time. No problems with any of the shipments.

Make sure you insure the speaker for there full retail value. It only cost a few dollars extra.
Obviously it helps to buy locally. As I did with my 3.6R's.

Good luck.
If you're still not sure, you might try buying sheets of ½ inch Styrofoam and cut them to fit the outer size of the original carton (4 sheets total, one for each front, and one for each back -you can even do the sides to if you want), then have an outer box cover them to ship. As was mentioned before, always insure shipments of this size and value -it's definitely worth the extra few dollars.
The 1.6's are not-so-bad to ship. I would just ship them in their original packing. I used to have 3.6's and I refused to ship them when I eventually sold them.