Best Way to Set up Vandersteens

I've read alot of comments on this site refering to the Vandersteens as difficult to set up to obtain maximum effect. Right now I have mine on the Vandersteen Stands (on spikes) slightly pitched backward and toed in a bit but not pointing directly at the "optimal listening postion". They are about six inches from the back wall. Listening room is about 18x15, rectangular and rather stuffed with furniture. They sound pretty good, but all these comments make me wonder if they are in optimal position. I'd like to hear what other Vandy owners have done. Of course I could play around with them, but I'm too lazy.
I have to agree with the above posts. You really need to move the speakers away from the rear wall to open up the soundstage (and control the bass). The manual is critical I follow the steps for dividing the room for width and length, then try the points where the lines cross, experiment with the one that sounds best. Do not forget how you listening location will impact the sound. Tilt back is easy to set once you find the best speaker location. I use 3A sig.
Good information, thanks guys. I do not have a manual, as I purchased these second hand. But I will get one now that I know how critical set is.
If you don't have the manuel supplied by Vandersteen, just call Vandersteen company and either Richard or his wife will answer the phone (really) and set you straight.