Best way to send digital to DAC

With a DAC I have no interface or file management.  What is the best sounding way to send and control music into the USB Class 2 for High Res without using a computer direct?

Can I use a Synology with great sound or is there something I can control files with but the files are on the device hard wired to the DAC?

It's an Aesthetix DAC
I have a. Synology NAS and there is some software on it but it didn’t seem to perform the “rendering “ function.  Since I already owned Bluesound and was interested in controlling my NAS with that I didn’t explore it much further.  A think the Node 2 or 2i is a great way to control the NAS, sounds very good, and offers every music service from Internet Radio and every streaming service.  I am listening to the new Andries Nelsons Boston Symphony recording of Shostakovich Seventh Symphony via on Qobuz with the Node2 and it’s highly satisfying.
btw, if you use a renderer such as Bluesound, you don’t need to connect the Synology to the DAC.
I have a Synology NAS and for years and years used Logitech Media Server (beta) to stream music to Raspberry PI DACs, SqueezeBox DACs, and AirPlay wireless speakers.  Using LMS plugins you can stream Tidal, Qobuz, Sirus, Pandora, AirPlay, etc, and play DSD, FLAC. iTunes, MP3, and other files. 

I now use Roon instead of LMS.  If you care about MQA, the Node2 is probably a good choice.  I use a Mytek Liberty DAC and an Innous Zenith MK2 for streaming/rendering everything.  Before Roon, I tried the BluOS app but found it too limiting because, unlike Roon or LMS, you can't consolidate all music sources into one interface.
I'm looking at the Aurender N100H because I heard the USB output is noticeably cleaner and more airy and the interface is good without having to pay extra for interface software like Roon.  Does that sound like I'm headed the best way?
Yes, the N100 is a great device and pricing is good if you go used.
Auralic Aries or Aries Mini comes with pretty good iOS software interface and will connect to hard drives directly. You will need an iPhone.
Another route would be an Ethernet renderer from Sonore. I use their microRendu in DLNA output mode with either BubbleUPnP or mconnect for control (both support Qobuz and Tidal). Simple. There are other output options as well (RoonReady, HQPlayer NAA, ShairPort, etc.). You can locate your NAS anywhere on your network thus removing it from your listening room entirely. In my experience the sound quality and functional stability is better than either my Mac mini or Bluesound Node 2. Best of luck in your search.
I have the Wyred4Sound server with 2TB SSD storage. The connection is I2S via HDMI cable.