Best way to sell 50 rock albums

It's time to put my old rock albums up for sale and could use some advice. I'd like to know the best way to go with a sale or auction, separate or batch. If I advertise separately the cost will be higher and I might be left with some of the albums which is what I would like avoid if possible. If I sell as a batch the weight of shipping could be prohibitive. Most of the albums are popular even today with Steely Dan and Rolling Stones with an Eric Burdon and The Beatles White Album. I'm not sure how to grade the condition but most are undamaged but surely need a good cleaning. Please help.
goldmine is the place to get grading tips.
Sell in batches of three to five LPs. Put a cherry selection in each batch with a few titles that'd be tough to sell by themselves.
If you have the patience, you should track the "completed" listings on ebay for each album you have for guidance.

But it's almost impossible to say w/o knowing what you have & the condition. I've sold off old rock LP's. Many wouldn't bring over 25cents & I donated to the Salvation Army. I sold one batch of 20 LP's on craigslist for $15. One Zappa album brought $20. And so on.

My guess is, you might go thru a lot of dues listing, researching, & shipping these to maybe clear $50.....

Its near Christmas so just give them to me!
There are probably only a few worth selling, and the rest of them are a waste of time even trying to sell to be honest.

To help you out, just send them all to me, and I'll cull them out for you, and return the few that are worth selling.

No need to thank me, I'm glad to help!
in most cases there usually is not much too sell unless they are old original pressings or out of print stuff in any category. you can go to a couple area stores to check your stuff. i wound up with about 5% of my collection worth any money and the rest i donated and took the tax deduction.
Agree that it is hard to give an answer without knowing the exact condition.
The biggest problem is the seller over-rating the condition!
An LP that looks perfect to you is probably only in 'good' condition, with that price being 1/2 of 'verygood' condition, and that price being only 1/2 of 'mint' condition.
So if you played them more than 50 times, they cannot poosibly be in better than good condition, (unless you have always been an Lp fanatic, with a record cleaning machine, and a $10K TT setup.
The joke about sending them to me... etc is actually a good one, because only SEEING the Lps can anyone say what they are worth.
The problem is that most of the LPs are only worth $2 to $4 max.
BUT: IF you have all the original Beatles LPs first pressings... and they have ZERO scratches.. no scuffs.. (zero scratches means you cannot see ANY scratches in sunlight from 4" to 6" away looking for any tiny ones.. not 'scratches' meaning they don't make noise when you play..)then you could get $10 to $20 bucks each for the early ones (up to the White LP)
As a general rule: no-one I have met, nor anyone I know of has ever come across a dude selling their old record collection (of 400 LPs or less) that had anything worth bothering about.
Now if your record collecting uncle left you his 'most prized' mint collection of 2,000 Blue note original Jazz recordings he purchased himself fifty plus years ago, most never played...(out of his 20,000 LP collection)
Then you might have some money.
Thanks to all for the advice. It is close to Christmas and if there's an easy way to pack for shipping you'll have to help me out on that one. If anyone is interested send me an email and for the cost of shipping and packing you can have them. Please have patience for it will take a couple of days to itemize then just choose the ones you want. I'd rather have someone enjoy them than donate them and maybe end up in a dumpster. I'll honor requests in the order that I receive emails.
Just save yourself the hassle and bring them to your local used record dealer and see what you can get. It won't be much money but it will be easy.
More info would be needed to answer your question.
Two months ago, I took a box full of my father-in-laws 1970s vintage LPs to a local used record store. The owner passed on most, and offered me $.25/ea for about 10 of them.

I listed on several of the LPs he declined to buy (they were near mint condition). I sold three of them for an average of $14/ea.

Don't give up after the first "no thanks".