best way to save my wood floor

What is the best way to protect my wood floor from the speaker spikes. I have been using the sound anchor coasters. They are great, but too high off the ground. I have also used pennies, but they are too soft and spike can still get through.
what is thin and sound good? Thanks in advance.
Check out: they make a coupling disk that works extreamly well. I use them on my hard wood floor.
I have used Linn's "skeets" for years and have been happy with them.
I put thin strips of felt on one side of a 1/4" wooden board, put that face down on the hardwood floor, and put the speakers on top of the board (with spikes).
A sheet of granite the size of the speaker with felt attached to the bottom. A good place to look for this is kitchen counter vendors or tile supply shops. Usually these people have samples, scrap (like from sink cutouts), or will order what ever you need.
I don't mean to be a "punk" or anything like that but what are the spikes for? The reason we're using them for is to help stable the speakers? release the un~wanted vibration energy to the floor? If you're try to put something(moveable?) under it I don't think you'll need to use spike?!?!? .02, Rute.
Those low profile cups used w/ Audio Points: can't be much taller than 1/8" maybe less. These are the FastPoints available from AudioNut in Phoenix. Set of three FPPD's are list $21, they sell them for $18. (877)944-5505. The cups that come with BBC cones are also very low-profile; I use them under my speakers & including the BBC MK2 cones the whole thing raises only about 3/4".
Thank you all for the suggestions!
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