Best way to save digital downloads of purchased vinyl

Hi, all.  I guess I am getting old, but I need some help. I use both a vintage quad setup and I listen to a newer system for  sacds/dvd-a's, blu-ray, and playing vinyl. I have done music match with apple and years ago saved all my cds to apple lossless. I prefer not to be bound to apple.  I now have coupons for digital downloads of recent vinyl album purchases.  Can anyone advise as to the best way to download, store and access these albums? And, if possible, can I ever put my apple lossless music somewhere not involving apple/itunes? I am wide open for ideas and opinions, no matter the software or hardware needed. I miss the days of musicmatch and some other programs that allowed me to better control my music. I like itunes for my ipods and phone, but i would like to organize and use my music in a more intuitive manner. Thanks in advancemfor some ideas and opinions!
IIRC, Apple Lossless format is the same as AIFF, just uses a different container.

once downloaded into FLAC or a compressed but lossless format you are fine - you will just need to backup your HDD, figure out a way to organize it and use one of the many players out there

I use iTunes on ripped CDs and it works just fine.  There are some enhancements that run on top of iTunes, and handle high bit rates, etc.


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