best way to rip cd files onto computer?

hey everyone.. i'm wondering what is the best way to rip cd files onto my comptuer to play in winamp. Windows media player offers "lossless" wma file conversion, but that won't play in winamp. There is a program that will do "lossless" mp3 conversion-but I couldn't get that to work. Can anyone tell me how I can conver the cd file to a .wav file? From what I've read, that seems to offer the highest quality playback. thanks.
when you 'rip' a cd file/song, don't use any compression options(aka mp3 or wma etc)and it will be in an uncompressed wave file aka the highest quality. :)

to check click on the file. if using windows, near the end of the list is something called properties. onr the tabs in properties when have info such as number of chaneels,the compression rate etc....if you see numbers like 16 bits, 44100 for frequecny, 1 to 1 ration uncompressed etc. yep you've defenitely got the wave/wav. file in it's highest fidelity. :)

the drawback is this does take abit more size on your computer.

hmm sorry i'm not familiar with winamp,i'm usually just listening to cds while net surfing/so i'm very behind on the media player 'wars'

i fond of exact audio copy for 'ripping' it's free a program you can download. :)
Since mp3 is a compression algorithm, is can't be "lossless." For the best quality rips of CDs to .wav files, use Exact Audio Copy ( Its cheap and works better than anything else in a microsoft environment.
I'll second the suggestion for EAC (Exact Audio Copy). From a sound standpoint, it is the best program for ripping CDs to WAV files. And it's not just cheap, it's free. It may take some adjustements to work on your system, but the results are well worth it.

I am too using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) as the best (sound quality wise) way, known to me, to rip Audio CD's to WAV (or to MP3) files.