Best way to remove static build-up?

I've a static problem with my audio system.How can I solve this problem?
Thanks Mike
I got one of those UFO's --from Music direct--It do make a dif.
Humidifier. Fill with fresh water every couple of days and change the filter every few months. You'll be amazed at the overall difference in the sound (esp if you have metal dome tweets)
Move to Florida, where the state flower is mildew.
Ground the chassis' of your componants.
I used to work in "hard surface care" (glass cleaners & such)... here's a trick you can try: take some dryer sheets (unused) and wipe your cables with them.

Not only will they smell "spring fresh" but some of the surfactant will rub off on your cable & that surfactant "scavenges" moisture from the air.
Not sure what you mean by "problem" can you be more specific what is wrong?

I will tell that in the winter with furnace running you can pick up a lot of static walking across carpet, and if you touch metal button or knob of audio gear (or any gear) it can sometimes cause problems. Make a habit of touching audio shelf first to discharge static and/or always use remote control operation as much as possible so touching gear is not necessary.
Actually "used" Dryer sheets work well on RPTV screens, and plastic CD Drawers to keep them from becomming dust magnets so I agree with the Grazman.
'Endust for Electronics' is a great & inexpensive antistat cleaner / spray.
I recall seeing a clever aparatus one Audiogoner made himself (I just don't recall who it was - but I recall finding it among the "tweeks" forum). It's a Brass door nob mounted on a pole, and wired to ground, but it has an inline resistor to eliminate the zap when you touch it.

Now that the heater's fired up this is a real problem.