Best way to pay lossless music through av receiver

I would very much appreciate some helpful recommendations here as I have a very limited level of knowledge of this subject and the research I've done has me going around in circles. So with that...

I have:
NAD T785 av receiver
Dali Helicon 400 Speakers
Dali Helicon c200 Center Speaker
REL G1 sub

I would like to play lossless FLAC or WAV files through this setup but I don't want to have to bring a laptop into my living room and connect it to the receiver every time I want to listen to music. I would like to be able to play the music through a component with a remote or android app for my phone or tablet.

My goal is to find a simple 1 component solution that would allow me to get the most out of my current setup without overkilling it on cost.

I have a Bryston BDP, it connects to your network, plays from USB, also has an internal drive to play locally stored music and Internet radio as well. There are usually some for sale on Audiogon. I also have an Olive my one but reluctant to recommend at this point as you can find by checking some feedback on this and other forums. I've read good things about Bluesound Vault. There are many other options at many different price points just need to do a little more research.
You can check out the Bluesound products also made by NAD. You can control it with your phone. Plus you can also stream from music services
Too many to list. Some of the popular ones are Sonos, Heos, Blusound, Play-fi (Polk, Definitive Technology, Paradigm. Phorus) and Auralic. On the cheap you can do a Google Chromecast Audio for $35.00.

You're going to have to do some research. Some are really easy to setup and others require some work.
FYI - I picked up a Chromecast Audio over the weekend for $2.45 (coupons). Plugged it into the AUX input on a Denon radio I had in the garage. Proceeded to install the Chromecast app on my phone which took like two minutes. Then, downloaded and installed BubbleUPNP app to access my music server from the phone. Total setup time was under 10 minutes and I now have complete access to my music library in the garage. While it's not as simple as Sonos, you can't beat it for the price. No comments on sound quality because I'm playing it through a 15 year old Denon table radio.