Best way to pay for audio purchase?

Old topic but would appreciate advice on best way to pay for purchase out of state. PayPal, check, bank wire,certified check ,other? Your experience.
I think the absolute best protection you can enjoy as a buyer is by using a credit card issued by a bank with whom you have a good relationship.
Better than PayPal as far as protection against fraud or damage for a buyer?
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I have read that PayPal sides with buyer most often. Anyone experienced the opposite? Cash has no recourse or record. Individual seller doesn’t take credit card .
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You can use a credit card via PayPal, that way you have double the protection.
@stereo5 ,
That's what I use but wasn't sure about the protection aspect.
So when using PayPal with a CC as default source, if there is a payment dispute will the CC company be the overriding protection?
IOW, if PayPal rules against you, can you have the CC security dept. investigate the charges?

Good to know that the CC is still king when using Paypal.
Agree with stereo5, especially, if the CC is American Express.
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Yes CC with Pay Pal...added protection. 
Credit card or check never use Paypal as it is a ripoff.
Using a cc with PayPal doesn’t really provide double protection.  PayPal won’t  provide protection if you file a dispute or claim with your credit card company. You have to choose which one you want to deal with in any dispute, between PayPal and your cc company.