Best way to pack and ship a Linn LP 12

New Member.....I plan on selling my Linn LP 12 w/ Ittok II arm.

I have all the original packaging but have long forgotten how it all goes back in the box. Looking for any suggestions on best ways to pack for shipping Fed Ex Ground or similar. Would you recommend removing the arm? Any suggestions & comments welcomed.

The Linn forum has tons of stuff like that. They'll definitely help you out.
Go on the net and download an old LP12 manual, it has packing instructions. It's pretty straight forward once you remove the amrm, plexi cover, and platter.
Thanks for the quick response. Would Audiogon be a good place to try and sell the Linn ?
The arm must be sent in a second box. Use lots of foam noodles and keep the arm stablized so the bearings will not be ruined. Double box everything to be safe. Plug the hole in the bearing so the oil doesn't leak out and also to keep dust out of it.
Remove the bearing oil and put on the red cap to prevent any contamination from entering the bearing well. The new owner will want to use new oil.

I agree with Polk432, tables should never be shipped with the tonearm affixed.

Audiogon is a great place to sell your table.