Best way to move PC audio outdoors

Anybody have a suggestion on how best to move wireless sound outdoors? I currently have two indoor systems connected wirelessly to my iMac. One uses a ROKU device with an older Proceed DAC into a Magnum Dynalab Receiver. The other uses Apple TV connected to a McIntosh 6900 integrated trough a PS Audio DAC.

I either need weatherproof powered outdoor speakers to connect to an Apple Airport Express or some sort of weatherproof cabinet.

Any ideas? Thanks
Can you get speaker cable from the speakers location to a indoor electrical jack?

If so, get an AirPort Express and a small "custom install" amp. I can make some recommendations if you like.

Hope this helps....
Check out James loudspeaker, I think they have outdoor stuff, like a subwoofer you burry in your yard? Cool stuff.
Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I have no way to run speaker cable from inside the house to the speakers. That's why I am thinking about self powered speakers. I have thought about putting an Airport Express inside a weatherproof electrical box. Any recommendations on self powered speakers?

Thanks again.
Audio Engine should work. I'm auditioning them now.
Lindisframe: Are the AE speakers weatherproof? I am looking for a permanent installation.
Thanks Lindesfarne.

Anyone have suggestions for weather proof self powered speakers?
I don't think there is an inexpensive solution to your problem. Lots of outdoor speakers available - look at - nothing they have is selfpowered as far as I can tell. Would be really impractical to run both speaker cable and power all over a large backyard. Maybe even dangerous - I would not want to put 110v and amplifiers and power transformers out in the rain if I were a manufacturer. Centralize your power in a dry area - run lots of speaker cable.

I have 4 PAIRS of speakers in my backyard - and thinking of adding more (house lot is 11,000 sq ft - with big pool) - the issue is how to you get even coverage - consistent volume levels for a large area with no walls, lots of noise and listeners walking all over the place. I have a decent quality old 70's receiver hidden in my bar. I have Polk audio Atriums at ear level - then some rock speakers on the ground, then some cheapo full size box speakers (garage sale/thrift store) hidden in places to provide some bass. If these get weathered - I can replace them with another $20 pair. Forget audiophile sound outside - and settle for decent listenable sound levels in various listening spots.

My sound source is am/fm on the receiver and ipod line-out to the receiver. I would do airport express to an amp or receiver if that works for you and LOTS of speakers to provide coverage.

(permanent installation? what happened to tweaking?)