Best way to move a Sony TV from CA to TX

I am planning a move from Northern California to the Dallas area (yes I like heat and humidity) and would like to find a mover for my 238 pound Sony CRT television - KV36XBR400. I have had sufficient experience with household movers to know that if there is a way to break something they will find it, and the more I request that they be careful with an item the more careless they become.

I have searched through the archives because I have a vague recollection of having seen this question before, but could not find anything.

FYI this is an audio forum.
This is an audio/HT forum and within that context the question is appropriate. BTW, any decent interstate mover shouldn't have a problem with the TV.
If you want it to arrive in pristine condition, I would highly recommend taking your own actions to prevent damage. Personally, I like wrapping my audio/video equipment in "cling wrap" of some type. Wrap it completely around all sides and top and overlap the base slightly to make sure the edges don't get scuffed. Wrap it with several layers and keep a lot of tension on the wrap. It will cover very well. I would also suggest cutting a couple of pieces of thick cardboard and placing those over the CRT and attach with the wrapped layers of cling wrap.

Have the movers completely wrap the TV in shipping blankets and padding. It should arrive in good condition. If not, file a claim and get a new one!


get all the comfortors you can find, wrap the tv in them & tape them tight, wrap the entire tv with shrink wrap, you can get it at the local lumber yard.

build a crate around the tv out of 3/8 plywood & fill any empty space with more blankets.

this should make the tv pretty well indestructable, its a bitch doin all the building & wraping but if you dont your tv WILL get broke.

unless the movers have the muscles of a 10 year old boy they can still get it in the truck.

just so you know, movers are worse than ups or fedex combined & the claims process usually yeilds no payment for broken items.

i paid to have my mother moved & it was the worst experience i ever had, they broke tons of stuff & PAID FOR NOTHING.

Welcome to Texas. I'd wrap the entire TV in several layers of bubble wrap. Secure it to a wooden palate and have BAX Global ship it to your new home.
Build multiple layers (taped together to make a rigid face plate) of flat cardboard slightly larger than the dimensions of the screen and cover the screen.
3 layers of large bubble bubble wrap around the whole set (over the cardboard face plate) including the underside to absorb any shock if they drop it.
Crate the bubble wrapped piece above (fill any open spaces with bubble wrap crammed in so the TV won’t move.

Get a small skid (pallet) and nail and brace the crate on the skid.

Have Bax Global pick it up and deliver it to your new house (fully insure for the cost of a new TV, freight and your materials for crating). Find your invoice for your TV to be on the safe side in case they lose it (they won't break it).
Smile and don’t worry