Best way to listen to Pandora?

Myy current set-up is a headphone splitter cable thru my android tablet to my stereo. The tablet runs pandora thru a wireless router f. rom my computerThe sound quality is not the greatest. I have a two part question:

a.) what hardware should I pick-up that is tailored only for streaming web based stations?

b.) Is the premium service for Pandora worth it for $50 / yr? Again, I'm only interested in improving sound quality and not interested in the associated benefit of reducing advertising breaks.
The answer to your question used to be the Logitech Squeezebox Touch. Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the line it probably won't work with Pandora in a year or two.

You might consider the super easy and reliable
Sonos...but it'll set you back about $400 for the P-90 and the Bridge. Everything else I can think of is even more expensive. I hope someone will buy the Squeezebox Touch technology because it was a nearly perfect and very affordable way to hear the best qualitity wireless streaming available. Maybe someone else has a better idea.