best way to get internet radio

I use an SACD player to listen to my serious music, as well as FM in my area. I want to expand to internet radio and want the best sound possible within reason. What I find frustrating is getting the best sound just for internet radio, and not spending a lot for other digital files, if that makes sense. I know internet radio has its sound problems but getting the best sound is something I am interested in. I am considering BlueSound or maybe a Cambridge, Denon or Marantz streamer? Any advice would be much appreciated. 
I have used an Apple TV, Bluesound, and a Bryston BDP3 to access Internet Radio.  They all work and have provided a lot of pleasure.  The Bryston sounds better, but as it is a lot more expensive than the other two, it darn well ought to.  Bluesound beats ATV, but not by as wide a margin as you might think.  One advantage of Internet Radio is that as the source gets more compromised in quality, the quality of the gear becomes less important.
  Apple TV used to use iTunes to find stations by genre, but now uses apps that are less helpful finding new stations.  The BlueOS app and Bryston Manic Moose are far better at delivering new stations to explore 
thanks, I was thinking that, the compromised source really limits the amount you can do with it. Does the Bryston sound a lot better, can you justify the price difference just for internet radio?
No, the Bryston cost me almost 4K, although you can get used units for about 2.5K.  I didn’t buy it for Internet Radio, but since it’s there I give it a listen.  Bluesound is fine and the TuneIn app within the Bluesound OS works well, and you can get several Node2 for the price of a Bryston.  Now, if you are buying a streamer for other reasons then it’s a different story...
I followed the same quest and went Bluesound Node 2i.  Having tried Qobuz and Deezer I've found that hi-rez can show off the gear but the tradeoff was a more sterile presentation.  To me, Spotify and Tunein serve the music better and let me forget about the gear.  Quality isn't an issue when I'm having fun.
I mean I’m listening to the gear and not the music.  It doesn’t pull me in and captivate me.
Bluesound Node 2i. If your main interest is internet radio, most of it is pretty compressed, so spending more would be wasteful imho. Radio Paradise streams in FLAC, and that will sound good through the Bluesound.