Best Way To Erase A DAT Tape?

Hi gang-
I've just looked through my Sony DAT deck's owner's manual twice, and I can't find any information (not a word!) about ERASING a DAT Audio tape that is used. I assume that it erases if you record over it - like any other magnetic media - but is there a better, preferred method to erase DATs? Can I use my Reel-to-Reel bulk demagnitizer? Does anyone (recording engineers to the rescue?) have a better method?
Thanks, Ed
If I want to have a "fresh" DAT tape without any sound track or information track I switch to analog input turn down the recording volume and press record. That erases all information on the tape.I think any demagnetizer isn't a very good idea!!
Good luck!
Try a degausser designed for video use. We use one that is rated at 2,800 gauss and this works well. Some details here:

Also have a look at the following 2 links for some handy tips:

Hope this helps, regards, Richard