Best way to eliminate "common mode" noise from AC

line versus best way to eliminate "differential mode" noise from the AC line--not including AC regenerators with their attendant heat and ongoing power cost.
Thanks very much for your inputs.
I do use an Equitech 2Q transformer for common mode and some MIT products as well as good power cords and some enacom ac's.
Playing with what I have has proven that ac noise is a complex problem(at least where I live). I was hoping to hear of some new, or unknown to me, "magic".
The closest thing to "magic" may be power regenerators, like the ones from PS Audio and PurePower.
Thanks Gbart. I appreciate your taking time to be helpful but I mentioned in my initial query not including
power wasteful regenerators. I try to think green & buy the most effective,least expensive to maintain or operate, components. I think the Equitech 2Q transformer in a box & MIT combinations I use do an excellent job and are fairly economical to operate. So far I have never been able to justify investing even $3000 on a single conditioning/isolation component. But,I find isolation and conditioning extremely worthwhile and am seeking an ideal mix. I don't think a single component or brand will maximize results. AC noise is incredibly complex, and apparently growing moreso in microprocessor controlled robotics. My Spectral gear is 'very' revealing and cumulative rewards are proving satisfying & interesting. Hoping for more perhaps 'adding' a Shunyata or Sound Application product(s).
Need info/feedback. Thanks
Gbart is correct regarding PS audio, but if you are concerned why not go for balanced power?

Furman make some balanced power units. Remember the new PS audio regenerators are pretty efficient.