best way to connect tidal HIFI to Cambridge audio azur 851n streamer

Hi I would like to use tidal desktop app to stream to my azur 851n, Using a USB a to b cable do you lose any sound quality, I would need a 20ft cable to connect it to my Mac desktop,any help will be appreciated.Thank Lloyd
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I have the Cambridge 851n and there is a firmware update to stream Tidal directly. Just wanted to put that out there in case you didn’t know. 
Hi i just checked it has no new update , i got this used so it must have been updated already, I did not sign up to tidal yet, can i put the app right on the 851n ,if so how , I am a bit of a dummy, senior citizen,lol
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As far as using a 20ft USB cable you should be ok.
We usually will use a booster ( power it with additional 5v) after 25 ft just as a precaution but I have run a 50ft USB cable unpowered previously and it was fine.
+1 on firmware, I’ve seen it work.but i prefer using BubbleUPnP as a control point.