Best way to connect Mytek Brooklyn Bridge to Hegel H390?

Hey Gang,

I'm currently only able to get the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge to work by connecting RCA outs on the Mytek to the Analog 1 input in the Brooklyn Bridge. 

I thought connecting the SPDIF connection from the Mytkek to the coaxial on the Hegel would work but I'm guessing they're different protocols. 

Is there only the analog / RCA way to connect these 2 things? I thought a DAC would have a simple digital way to connect to an amp. So a bit underwhelmed. The optical to optical doesn't seem to work either.

Any advice appreciated!

What you see at the back are digital inputs to the Streamer/DAC. The outputs are just the XLR/RCA outs. 
iirc the bridge will not work as a network streamer and deliver a digital signal out... it will always run its digital inputs through its onboard dac, and thus it provides only analog outputs to a downstream device, not digital ones for another outboard dac

thus to use the bridge, you must connect to the hegel via stereo rca or xlr connections (analog)

otoh, the hegel h390 itself makes the bridge unnecessary as it has its own network streamer input and then you use its own (excellent) onboard dac, which also decodes mqa... in that way, the hegel duplicates most of the capabilities of the bb

only if you are using wifi streaming via the bridge (which the hegel does not do) would you need it to feed its analog output into the hegel
Thanks @rajvhifii and @jjss49 

Initially I had the Bluesound Node 2i running into the Hegel Amp which sounded ok. I had the Brooklyn Bridge in my office (demoing it atm) but thought I'd try it in the living room to see if it had a better sound as a DAC/Streamer combo. 

To my surprise, it was really similar if not a little brighter than the Hegel with the Node. 

This was also a test to see if a better DAC made a big difference or if its my speakers that need an upgrade to pair with the Hegel. Currently have an older pair of Monitor Audio Silver RX6's. 
to me the mytek sound is too bright... unnaturally bright

your best bet is to run the node 2i spdif rca out into h390 use its dac... be sure to pick the right setting on the node 2i pertaining to mqa - mqa content from tidal should sound very balanced, while redbook res tidal will be a touch bright