Best way to connect Mac mx135 to mac mc206

Is it better to use the mac multipin connector or the rca's to connect? which will produce better sound....
I would use the RCA to RCA I have had a number of Mc pre/pros and they all have that 25 pin hookup. I currently have the MX135 and just traded a MC7205 (5 channel version of the MC206)in aon a MC205 and the 205 doesn't have it. So I think McIntosh is going to phase that connection out.
I never tried it but I can only imagine that it would sound worse. I was told by a McIntosh rep that they include that mainly for dedicated HT installs and for people that really don't care about the sound. (why buy mcintosh?) But that is my opinion.
Theo; thanks..Do you have experience with the balanced XLR to RCA connections?
I have only done XLR to Xlr or Rca to Rca. I would see if any one chimes in on that, but me feeling is RCA to Xlr woul be better than XLR to RCA. Just my feeling s on that no real experience to speak from. Does the 206 have XLR my 7205 had only RCA?