Best way to connect BDR Cones to equipment?

I have a set a BDR Cones under my Classe amp and cd player, but they are not connect to the units themselves. Some time ago I read where cones should be place under strategic spots like transformers, cd transports, etc. The only problem there is no way to securely fasten them to the units at the spots with threaded screws. I thought about using double stick tape to keep them in these locations or else use the threaded screws and anchor them other spots that will accept the screws. Thanks for any and all suggestions on this.
The threaded screw posts on the BDR cones are threaded studs and can be removed with ease. Place the BDR cones with the point facing towards the most resonant surface (generally the MDF shelf). DO NOT use double sided tape or Blu Tack between the cone and the amplifier as it will impair the effectiveness of the BDR cones. The mass of the amplifier will hold the BDR cones in place, therefore, experiment with cone placement, but start with one under the transformer. 3 cones will suffice, and do not worry about the weight of the amp on the cones as the BDR’s have a crush point beyond most home equipment applications.

The above noted application will work with your CD player and also with lighter equipment. With respect to the CD player, start with 1 cone directly under the CD spindle, one under the power supply, and the other to create balance.

Have fun.
use a small amt. of blue tac or something similar under each cone.
Don't forget to try your BDR cones in "both directions". I flipped mine over (pointed end UP) under my amp and the improvement was amazing.