best way to connect a lexicon rt 20 cd player

I just got a lexicon rt 20 cd player.what is the best way to connect it to my krell kav 500i int. amp.I have acoustic zen balanced xlr cables,but the rt 20 has only rca's or aes/ebu conections.This is for audio only at this point.I have it hooked up with low end rca's and it sounds good.I have just started using high end cables ,what a difference.I have been out of the high end audio seen for a long time,most of the connections on the rt 20 I do not have a clue ,I will hook the a/v stuff later. Thank's for any help.
As I see it you have 2 options, either acquire a better set unbalanced interconnects, or re-terminate the XLR cables source ends. Pin 2 (male XLR, preamp end) to the center pin of the RCA connector (source end) and Pin 3 (male XLR, preamp end) to RCA's shell (ground). Many of the Levinson manuals show how to do this. Good luck...