best way to clean record??

I am using a locally made cleaner similar to VPI, but I feel it does not really clean the record, any good recommendation on how to clean record or any really good record cleaner out there? thanks a bunch.
First I remove some of excess dust with an Audioquest static brush. Next I use the VPI concentrate with about 20% isoproply alcolhol added with the VPI record brush on a VPI HW-16.5. After drying I then use the static brush again to eliminate any static that may have been caused in the drying phase. Sealed in good quality poly sleeves along with heavier weight vinyl outer sleeves, records should only need to be cleaned like this every two years or so. In the interim a quick use of the static brush while on the tt is all that is necessary. I have LP's that I have had (and played) for over 30 years that sound remarkably good and pretty much free of ticks and pops. Prior to getting the VPI and the Audioquest I used a manual Disc Doctor brush and the results were not very good. I found most of these same LP's to be intolerable to listen to.
Steel wool pad, and Drano! Works best on "The Captain & Tennille" vinyl!
I like VPI followed by Gruv Glide, or, Decca Brush followed by gruv glide, depending on quality of surface.