Best way to clean CD's?

I have a collection of CD's with fingerprint oil on their edges. How can I clean this crap off without damaging the CD?
Mapleshade has a couple of excellent products which can not only get it off, but substantially improve the sound. Check their website for tweeks and call there tech line if you have questions.
Their are CD enhancers but on the cheap you cannot beat a bottle of eyeglass cleaner , wiping from the center out, with a soft cloth {a cotton t shirt} works well .
Dawn dishwashing liquid and a cotton cloth.
I use the Mapleshade Products with great results. You will clean them and improve the sound also. Micro Smooth and Optrix will do the trick.
The eyeglass cleaner with lint free cloth (or microfiber) is about the cheapest wa to do it. You can get both at Sam's club or Walmart, which can keep the price down.

The next level up is probably the Novus cleaners, which are for polycarbonate surfaces, which is what CDs are. They also have a scratch remover that works pretty well. But the stage one clean with a lint free or microfiber cloth will be all that you need to remove fingerprints and smudges.

The next level up is something like the mapleshade cleaners. But if you're going to go that far, also get their ionoclast gun which will remove static buildup from the application of the cleaner (plus the static buildup that was already present on the CD). The effects of ionoclast should be audible in most resolved systems with a trained ear.

Oh yeah, wipe the cleaners off in a raduis patter away from the center hole to the edge. Never wipe them concentrically. That can damage them.
A somewhat different question: will using Mapleshade Mikro-Smooth + Optrix spray remove all of the mold separater, or is it worth pre-cleaning with a dedicated mold separater remover like LAT International's Once and Done?

I use the Micro Smooth on all my CDs, new or used regardless of the age. I have also found that the harder you scrubb (and longer) the better the results. Be careful though to rinse the CDs VERY thoroughly. I basically use all the other Mapleshade tweeks and feel that the results are cumulative. I also use the Optrix in conjunction with a Bedini defluxer. The rotation of the Bedini unit uniformly applies the liquid and results in an audible improvement.

In addition I use the Denon Demagic disc to remove system magnetic build-up.

I know this can sound a little weird, but if you have 30K + in your system... details do matter.
A question about the Mapleshade products. People have reported audible improvement with these products? Does this mean the sound is better than when first purchased and if yes how so? Thanks
Dishsoap and water from the tap. pat dry with "Viva" paper towels. (They are very soft and absorbent, and will not scratch CDs)
For ultra fine scratches, Meguiars "Scratch X" for automotive finishes does a wonderful job.
(I have nothing against commecial CD products, but why waste you money??)
I now use & enjoy Walker audio Vivid CD/DVD enhancer. It produces a smoother, more relaxed sound. I bought it from Dedicated Audio.
i have been using optrix, and realy like the results. also auric illuminator is good , but a bit more time consuming to apply, but with great results.just my humble opinion.