Best way to clean CD player lens?

I tried to find previous discussions by entering; CD lens cleaning, CD payer cleaning, etc. but came up with zip.

Anyway, I have a Sony SCD333 player that I have owned for a few years and have never cleaned the lens. I removed the cover and the lens was totaly inaccessable to my naked eye.
I used to use an small air compressor with my old unit since the lens was right in sight. Any ideas on what I should use without the old "spinning lens brush" CD or taking my player apart? Or is the brush the way to go? I am trying to avoid sending it to a shop as this should be routine maintenance. Is it visable & I missed it? Please let me know the trick!
Thanks in advance, John
If it's playing CDs fine, and not skipping I'd leave it alone. I view cleaning CD lenses as a last resort, almost as likely to break something as fix it, and I only do it if my players are having problems reading discs.
Hi John
I had the same thought the other day. However my conclusion was the same as Sean's: if it ain't broke, why fix it? I am still not sure if it's the best way but this is what I am sticking to for now.

I haven't taken my C333ES apart before but I am surprised the lens wasn't visible. But if that is the case, then chances are it is clean! lol.

Agree that cleaning is more likely to create problems.
If it works, leave it alone!
I use a cosmetic blush brush to sweep any dust or lint off CDs DVDs before I play them.
Stop the dust before it gets inside the player.
I like the answers. Yes it is clean inside, but I live in a very rural area which does have alot of dust. Near the high desert in So. Cal. Some Cd's have been chocking lately but perhaps it is their condition.
Happy Holidays & thanks! -John
In the Sony Service manual for your unit they recommend that the ONLY way to clean the lens is with compressed air. I have the same unit as you and I have the Service Manual.

I have owned the Sony XA7ES where the lens is fixed to the tray and hence it's accessible when the tray slides out. Whenever the player starts to exhibit serious skipping problems on certain CD's, I've used a dry cotton bud to clean the lens. This method works for me. I believe the dust and/or dirt from CD's have got onto the lens after many years of play that caused the skipping. I'm not as patient as Elizabeth in cleaning every single CD's everytime they go into the player.

You did not mention if you have experienced any problems with your player. If not, as others have mentioned, don't bother to do anything to the player.
So do you do yours by using a slim nozzle and spraying in the genreal area of the lens? I feel the air would not hurt anything. Have you done it?
I use compressed air, when I think about cleaning for dust. The compressed air can come out with quite a blast, so I'd keep that in mind when positioning the nozzle.
How bad are those lens cleaners that are cd's with tiny brushes on them.
I have one and used it only when
I had serious tracking issues but it cured the problem. Are they dangerous though?