Best way to categorize your Vinyl collection

I'm sure this was probably posted before but, whats the consensus?? My albums are in alphabetical order (according to artist) and I find it to be a PAIN to try to find any thing! My eye sight is getting worse by the day!!
I'm thinking maybe to do it by "era" or "type of music" be it 70's rock, psychedelic, Southern rock, Folk, Jazz, female vocalist ect.... Perhaps a category for best sounding recording...?? What works best for you??
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I might ad that what I mean about "categorizing" is putting them in groups and affixing a label with Lg letters on my rack...
I finally [after 5 moves had totally mixed them] got mine in order. Piano music in one section, symphonies in another, organ, rock, folk. jazz etc. I can find things now but I don't know if anyone else could. These are my LPs, my CDs are still in a mess but I have many fewer of them. [2-300 vs 3000]
Becides categorizing I have separate shelves for Frank Zappa, German progressive rock, David Sylvian/Japan and band members solo albums... Within Jazz there's a large collection of ECM and its sublabels suchas Watt.
anyone know where I can get some album "tabs" to put between the categories or alphabatize as they do in the record stores?

I have been trying to find these for a long time.
by artist's geography..LA, SF, Seattle, etc
Mine are a jumbled lot. I only have around a thousand, so I can guess fairly close as to the location. But during the search I'll find many I have overlooked and they will get playtime. Had they been organised, I feel they would still be in that no-look zone and forgotten. In the past couple of months I have picked up around 150-160 more, and they will be placed on the shelf as I got them, in no order.
Check Bags Unlimited for the album tabs. They have a website
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Years ago I gave up on using some alpha filing scheme and went to a numerical approach and a computerized data base (} that is used with a bar scanner. Still cataloging but hopefully will finish late next year. I'm often surprised on the duplicates in the collection. Works well for CD's but still have not found an easy way to do the the vinyl.
Thx, I will look into that
Thankfully, I don't have too many records (yet). Since the arrival of my RCM I've bought a new rack and only cleaned records go in it. This has prompted me to incorporate a new filing system - which since I now only play clean vinyl - helps me re-think my ordering system. This new rack is my "go to" rack. I've always had a go-to spot as well as newly purchased spot, with the rest of my collection stored in two different racks via alpha filing systems. One rack containing old LPs that I've had for 40 years and I bought as a kid and the other rack containing new music (indie labels et al).

I'm slowly moving away from that and into a genre-based audiophile only (they have to sound very good to get put on this shelf) system: 1) Favorites (Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt/Jay Farrar/Wilco), 2) Indie, 3) Minimal male vocals (aka acoustic), 4) Classic Rock, 5) Punk, 6) Female Vocals (folk/folk-rock), 7) Ambient/Electronic

So far I've only cleaned 54 of 1200+ LPs so this system is easily referenced and organized, but expanding. The above groupings will stay with additional racks added as needed to accommodate the genres (aka moods). Blues, jazz and classical will eventually get their own section too but it's been a couple of months with my RCM and I have yet to clean any.

This is a long winded way of saying I categorize by genre/mood.

I don't need labels or dividers to tell me where everything is because I'm very intimidate with my collection sections - visited daily with the most recent played on the right going left.
I like that notec.....I might incorporate some of your Ideas... Thanks!
Collecting dust at the moment, since recently having sold off two TT's and cartridges while on the lurk for the next TT....but I've new toyz to keep me busy in the meantime...speakers and a new jazz guitar...what a way to wait!