best way to break in new paradigm studio series

hi i just recieved the studio 100s the cc690 and 2 pair of adp590 speakers but want to break them in correctly do i just use pink noise and let them play for the reccomended hours before breaking them in is done any suggestions would be great thanks
Check the 347 other break in threads for some hints.
just play music and go with the flow.
Here's a unique idea.

Play music.
I would buy some really expensive burn in equipment someone came up with to help burn them in. The more money the better, so spend as much as possible.
If you want to speed the process somewhat: Place them close together, facing each other, and with the polarity reversed on one system's terminals/cable. This will cancel a large part of the output, and make the break-in period more tolerable. Either music with high bass content, brown or pink noise work well.
I was being sarcastic, sorry if this wasnt obvious.