Best way to break in a tube amp? With cheap tubes?

[1]What's the best way to break-in a tube-amp?
[2]Should it be left on continuously for a few days
or in separate time-segments?
[3]If I have cheap tubes and better tubes, should the
break-in be done with the cheap ones?
[4]Do the tubes themselves need to break in?
[5]Would you do anything differently for a preamp
vs. a power amp?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
Just hook it up plug it in and enjoy the music; no fuss no hassle.
Thanks for the advice everybody. One more thing--
does anyone use tube dampers (vibration control devices
or coolers of any sort)? Thanks again.
Don't worry about it! just play the amp as if it is broken in and in time it will be broken in. Each hour it will get better and better. Your tubes will break in within a week and the amp will eventually break in also. Leaving it on without it playing music is a waste of your tubes and the extra money you will be paying your utility company. It's like an aged wine, you can't rush it!
Thanks Cyconlicman--I like the metaphor.