Best way to balance 4 spike speakers

Is there an easier way to perfectly level speakers with 4 spikes? I just seem to endlessly adjust but they still wobble a bit.
Three works so much better on uneven floors.
Use a three spike/foot platform underneath them. Now, wasn't that simple?
Well, not quite so simple. Merlin VSM's allow for the option of 3 or 4 spikes. I listened to both setups and found that four spikes sound better in my room: more full-bodied, etc. So back to leveling with 4 spikes. Sorry, no easy trick I can think of, other than deep breathing, logical thinking and a quality leveling tool. And do your best to get them rock solid.
I lost count of how many 4 spike speakers and speaker stands I have owned and I never had a problem with leveling. If you are going through carpet you need to apply enough pressure so the spikes will penetrate the carpet and pad. If the floor under the carpet is wood rock the speaker back and forth while applying pressure so the spikes will sink into the wood floor a little. You have to use caution if your floor is concrete because rocking on concrete can damage your spike tips.

What type of floor?
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I have hardwood floors. My previous speakers sat on Herbie's big fat dots (3 of them for the unevenness). I now have C & C Abbys with 4 spikes. I use discs under them to protect the floor. What I foun was it is easy o over adjust a spike. Figure out which spike needs the adjustment, then very slowly twist until the speaker is stable. One spike is all that should need adjustment.
Or get Soundocity outriggers. That's going to be my next purchase. It's difficult to get all 4 cones to pierce the carpet to the underflooring and remain level. It's even more difficult with Mirage OMD-series speakers because the the top of the speaker is a curved screen to protect the Omniguide assembly. Hence, I can't lean on the top of the speaker to get the spikes to seat properly. With outriggers I'll be able to step on each end of the outriggers to seat the spikes and then adjust the wobble out with easily accessible spring-loaded knobs.
Get a set of Outrigger spike kit from (Soundocity)
It just takes patience.