Best way to aktively drive Linn Ninkas

Hello all. I have a pair of Linn Ninkas driven by a Rotel integrated amp. I plan to upgrade to seperate preamp and amps and would like to aktively drive them with Linn amps.

There are lots of ways to go and I'm looking for some advice. I probably will only use 4 channels vs 6 channels for budget reasons. So I could buy 2 LK85/100/140s for around 800 used. Does anyone have any feedback on the performance of these 3 amps? I'm more concerned with sound quality comparison as they are all probably powerful enough.

The next idea is a 5125 using 4 channels and leaving the fifth for a possible future move to multi-channel listening. I've seen these around for about 1200.

Or, maybe 2 2250s. I'm not sure what these go for or how they compare to 5125s. I tend to think that the 5125 and 2250 are much newer than the LKs and must be more modern and sound better.

Lastly, I could by a new Chakra 4 channel amp. This is by far the most expensinve, but probably also the best amp.

I will probably try to find a late Kairn for the preamp. Overall amp budget is 2000 max. After finding the amps I'll look for the cards to match.

Thanks in advance!
Just upgraded the system of a customer who own Ninkas with Kolektor/LK140 with Majik Kontrol/Majik 4100 aktiv biamp and he's rediscovering his system. The Ninka improves a lot in the aktiv mode but I never tried to tri-amp. The newer amp the better but even with a pair of old LK140 the difference will be huge (for the much more better!).
I'm working towards the same setup, and I'm going for LK140's as per my dealers suggestion.

He is not a fan of the AV amps for pure stereo. He also says the LK140 is MUCH better than the LK85. I go for quality over quantity, and listen to most genre's.
Best to worst:
1 - Chakras $$$$$
2 - Klouts $$$$
2 - LK140's $$$
3 - 2250's $$$$
4 - LK85 $$
5 - LK100 $
6 - 5125 $$

Cards take time to locate, so start watching for them to come up as soon as you know what amps you are going to go with. I have a bass card to fit Klout/LK100 if you go that way.

good luck!
Well thanks for the information. I think you rating scale is interesting, and if differs a little from what I've heard.

I've seen posters here say that the 2250 is better than a Klout. The Klouts are still very expensive to the point of being a little unreasonable. Of course, maybe they are that good.

I've also heard a Linn expert at a well respected dealer say the all of the newer amps including the 5125 are better than any of the LKs. The guy wasn't trying to sell me anything, so I think it was his true opinion.

One thing I like about the 5125 is the odd number of channels. There are lots of ways to get 4, but not too many ways to get an extra channel for a future center channel. Of course I could always aktively drive a center channel speaker with a 2 channel amp.

The good thing about all the Linn amps is they have the same gains so you can mix new and old.

In the end, if I choose to go with LK amps, I will look hard for a pair of LK140s vs the others.

It is all subjective for the store my dealer works at, other salespeople like the 2250, but my guy does not. He finds the 2250 to sound BIG, but less sweet than the others he prefers. He never liked the 5125 at all. He does describe the Chakras as "stunning!"

It is personal preference for sure. Try to listen before you buy if at all possible...and ejoy the it is often the fun part, especially when shopping the used market.