Best way to add remote volume control to tube pre.

What is the best way to add remote volume control to a high-quality tube preamp?
An inexpensive but quality
solid state preamp like a Rowland Capri in front of the tube preamp?
Something else?
I really don't want to degrade the sound too much.
Should this be done at all?
Any thoughts would be welcome.
Cheap options are the Creek remote volume control and, if you can find one, the Chase RLC. I've used both and don't believe I or anyone else can hear a negative effect on the sound. If you don't like either one you won't have much invested and they are easy to sell.

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A friend of mine came up with this one. No degradation to the sound whatsoever.

He disassembled a remote control toy car or something, ran a belt or big O-ring around the volume knob and a wheel. He then use the remote control (for the toy car) to change volume. It works and no degradation to the sound. I would think you would want to find one that has a quiet motor, and allows you to be able to run at slow speed for fine adjustment of the volume.

If the pre has or can be refitted with a high-quality stepped attenuator, Bent Audio makes a nice motor-drive/infrared remote kit.
Placette all the way.
Thanks for the suggestions. It does have a stepped attenuator.
I need to think about this.
OK, thanks. Has anyone out there used the Placette in front of a preamp? Thanks.
The only signal degradation with a Placette will be via the extra interconnects/connections. I tried a Creek OBH-10 to see if my CDP had the output to drive my amps, prior to purchasing the Placette Passive Linestage. The Creek units are not transparent on a system of any real resolution(no build quality at all), but do serve well as experimental tools.
I have two of the chase units, one of the units I use with tube mono blocks. Sound is great. I also have cayin amps that have their own remotes and the sound is about equal. I paid about 100 for each.
I agree with Rodman about the Creek remote units. I used one briefly between my source and amps and found it wasn't as invisible as I wanted it to be. A Placette would be a much better option.
Here's another:
zkzpb8--Thanks for that lead. That looks promising.
An external box is convenient, but if you want the best sound, take a close look at motorizing the internal stepped attenuator-- or perhaps even replacing the stock attenuator with a better attenuator in conjunction with a motor drive. Assuming you're handy, you could buy a great compact SMD attenuator like Goldpoint or DACT, together with a motor drive, and achieve better sound than you're getting now, at much less cost than a Placette or equivalent RVC, and without the degredation and cost of additional ICs.
The Placette Passive remote can be purchased for less than the Space-Tech unit on the used market and utilizes 1% matched Vishay resistors throughout. I'm certain if Space-Tech went to that expense(and attention to quality), they would advertise the fact. ( (
The Placette is perfect for the application, I used one with a CAT SL1 Ultimate so I could have finer control the CAT's increments - I could hear no difference with RVC in the chain. Don't be suprised if the Placette alone sounds better than your tube pre though - it just might in a passive friendly system.