Best way s to clean CD's? Any updates?


Questions like this have been raised in the past...but things change or new products come out. So:

What products or ways are you using to clean and care for CD's?
I like the Auric the best for me.
Walker Audio's VIVID. Great stuff.
News flash - On a recent visit to the new & used CD shop in my town the proprietor was using a grinder/polisher specially designed to make beat-up CD's look new. From a distance, it resembles one of those water centrifuges they have at some laundromats. I had a look inside the unit. Around the central platter it was lined with a build-up of pasty-looking, white, CD dust. I'd never seen one before so I asked about it. The guy was unabashedly proud of it. He keeps it right out in plain view. What a shocker!
I second dopogue's comment on Walker's Vivid. Everything else I've tried (and I have tried them all) is a distant second. Try this stuff. I think you be will amazed.
You guys who like the Walker VIVID, have you tried the Finyl? How would you compare it?
My kids sometimes "borrow" CD's from me and I always have to clean'em up when I finally get them back. When required I use a bit of dishsoap and wash'em carefully under the faucet. Dry gently with a piece of paper towel and they are clean. Of course this technique does nothing to get rid of scratches, but does get fingerprints and dirt off the CD.
Hey Jeffloistarca, you nailed it! My oldest son has been taking(more accurate than borrowing) my cds for about 4 years now. He is 17.

I started him out listening to my system with Jazz, like Desmond, Baker, Ella, Sarah...and much more...but it paid off. He has been playing the trumpet in 3 or 4 bands for the last few years...and has just great taste in music, film, food...etc.and he has no tattoo's and does not wear a baseball cap he can have those cd's!...but the few I do get back, and the ones I use can always use some thanks to all for the suggestions.


Most any towel will scratch CD's. If anyone in the family wears glasses pick up a micro fiber cloth (used to clean anti-glare lenses) the next time you are @ the shop.

I think that 3M may make this material as well, but don't know what the product # is. A pro camera or auto detailing shop may also carry the fabric.

I like the ones from the eye docter because they are free.

The fabric is slightly shiny and stretches a bit (like a very tight double knit). It does not seem to scratch anything that I use it on (including plastic watch crystals and soft silver jewelry).
I used Finyl a long time ago. Couldn't tell any difference before/after using it. IMO, it's not in the same league as Vivid.