Best way for audiophile to rip CDs

Want to experiment with a second system, and want to buy a Sonos set-up.
So need some practical tips for a no-loss way or ripping my CD collection.
Also Is there a way for instance to buy a cheap(used) Sony 400 cd changer to speed up the process - have 1500 CDs.
This is the best one out there:

I can't help speeding up the process, though!
No, a CD-ROM drive can speed up the process 52 times... a cd changer will only do real time when you rip-not a good idea. I second Ketcup, ExactAudioCopy is the way to go. Keep in mind that some say 'speeding up the process' of copying may degrade the sound... so keep it within reasonable limits when you burn.
ExactAudioCopy is the standard for ripping. Just make sure you download the manual and read it before starting. There are several options that you want selected in order to get the best results. The manual explains everything.
1500 CDs is a lot. I ripped 500 and that took forever. The key is just do it whenever you are doing something else on your computer. Always have a stack there and do them some at a time. It is well worth it to get all your CDs into a lossless format on the computer. Do it right with EAC and make sure you create a backup solution...and you'll never have to rerip!
Thank you all very much - I will keep you poted