Best Water.

I recommend Deer Park, that's good water. I was just looking at this 'Best Of' section and 3 of the top 6 sections are alcohol related. Does anybody listen sober, or is it just me? Maybe I should have a beer or scotch, is this a inexpensive upgrade? When you drink does the system sound better? If so maybe I'm spending my money on the wrong stuff (equipment). I'm not preaching, I just would like to know if you think the system sounds better thru alcohol.
One beer and the system does sound better--to me anyway. It relaxes the inner ear I'm told--it also just plain relaxes me. 2 beers and I don't hear as well--hydration is also important--so after one beer I'm usually drinking seltzer water (but it's the cheap stuff--Grocery store variety).
The water out of my kitchen sink tap. Milwaukee has great water... We got a whole big 'ol lake full on our doorstep.
!0 years ago when I drank the stereo sounded MUCH better.After 24 beers, a few rum and cokes and a few doobs it sounded so good, I would often find the sweet spot the best on the floor instead of on the couch.Thank God those days(years) are behind me.
I never had a cent to spare on good music until I stopped.No time to enjoy anything either except chasing down another drink. Water works just fine and it is the music that remains undiluted now-a-days.
Right David?
The best water I've ever tasted is Spa, it comes from Belgium I beleive. I always drink it when in Europe. Something wierd, it always tastes cold, even when it's been out all night. It also comes in this really cool scuba tank looking bottle. Otherwise I drink Evian, Florida tap water is horrific!!!!
Alcohol must cause ear canal constriction, 'cause as I start putting a few down I keep cranking up the volume...come to think of it, my selections go from jazz (no drinks) to very loud, hard rock (many drinkies)...there may be a trend here...
Snooker14-right you are! In fact today is my 10 year anniversary.10 years free!!I respect those that can drink with control.For those that cant,there is a way.
The best water in my home is the lab grade version in Record Research cleaner. It allows you to drink deeply from the well of LP music. For myself, and the rest of the humans, Evian is fine.
The best water to me is the water that I do not have to schlepp home. I recently installed a Pur water filter to the kitchen line. Neither of us drink bathroom water anyway after listening to the Bill Cosby routine in our youth. My favorite sparkling water is Gerelsteiner (sp).
Santa Helena from Peru. Hey Liz, if Milwaukee water is so good how's come Milorganite now comes with a disclaimer not to use on vegetable gardens because of the high lead content? Of course, that didn't stop Carl the greenskeeper from crossing Bluegrass and Sensamilla.
The best water I have ever had is when I installed a Sierra Springs dual temp water cooler in my home. I now have fresh spring water to drink all the time as long as the delivery guy doesn't forget to stop by.
zootallures- Drinking alcohol does in fact impair your hearing, though I'm not exactly sure how. That's why party music and voices get louder as the party progresses, and when the cops come nobody can understand why.20+ years of no alcohol has allowed me to engage in this hobby and have a house to put it in. By the way,Finast brand {Giant Foods} distilled water is pharmaceutical grade, triple steam distilled if bottled in Lancaster,Pa.Great for cleaning vinyl and $.49 a gallon.
Aberfoyle springs.
i've always loved perrier, but as the fambly goes thru a case of sparkling water every 2 days, we have to settle for the cheap generics at whichever grocery store we're at.

for plain water, cotoctin mountain spring water is the best. no, it's not a brand, i live on catoctin ridge, there's a spring-house on our property, water yust comes outta the ground & flows into it, there's troughs in the floor, it pours out the back-side & runs on down the hill. same water as in our well - it's the best! no, no double-blind abx testing... ;~)

doug s.

If you're ever in York PA, try out the York County Water Co's finest. It's damn good tap water! To bad all the vintage stuff is gone. (they used to have a pair of open basins that let the UV from the sun help purify it) But even with the basins covered, it's still the best!
Doug, I am jealous, that water spring sounds absolutely marvelous. I can relate in that my grandparents had a deep water well on their farm in central Texas. The pump was in the kitchen, looked like an iron pitcher with a handle sticking out of it. Pump furiously, and wonderful water flowed out. I remembered it again after reading your post. Thanks.
glad to help stir some pleasant memories, albert - it's nice to be able to assist those who can appreciate the little things... ;~)

regards, doug s.


I would say that although, I think my system sounds PRETTY good to begin with. But after I down a couple of cold ones when I get home from work, she (meaning my system) begins to sound REALLY REALLY nice then. As for my beer, if I want a domestic lager, then it is either "Miller Genuine Draft" or "Miller Lite" all the way. If my mood shifts toward an imported lager, then I tend to go Canadian (in which case, I intend to go for lagers such as "Moosehead" or "Moleson Ice"). But in either of the cases, they have better be "ice cold" before I put my lips next to that bottle. In fact, the colder, the better.

But now, as for water?? Let me just say that I drink either bottled water or filtered tap water all the time. What I "DON'T DO (!!!!)" is drink water STRAIGHT from the tap without a filter being attached to my kitchen. I live in Washington, D. C., and let me just say that their water is JUST AWFUL. If I go for a bottled water, then I tend to drink either Evian or Dersanni. Both of those are the best tasting waters I have ever dranked. Volvic ranks a very close second behind Evian or Dersanni. Volvic is VERY light tasting and VERY clear and pure looking. Volvic is a good water to drink during a very hot and a very humid summer day. Otherwise, Evian or Dersanni is fine for other times during the year. We have a "Deer Park" water cooler at work, so I drink "Deer Park" also. But somehow, I think that "Deer Park" has a heavier and coarser taste than the other three that I have just mentioned. If there is no bottled water in my house (like when I have to go to the store and buy some) and I need a drink of water right away?? Then tap water will have to do then. And for that, I have a "Pur" water filter attached to my kitchen faucet.

I hope that's a good enough answer (LOL) :-).

Best regards to you.

Alcohol most certainly impairs ALL sources of perception, auditory acuity included. Imagine the paradox of listening for the "absolute sound" from your equipment with a head full of distortion from alcohol or whatever. If your brain's euphonic your system needn't be. Maybe vice versa. Personally, I find alcohol enhances my enjoyment of reading audiophile journals but not my enjoyment of my system. I really think there's something omitted from those lists of "associated components", like reviewer's discount in cash, or blood alcohol level.