Best "warm" receiver for MA Silver 9i's?

I just purchased the Monitor Audio Silver 9i's and accompanying speakers after testing countless systems. I've yet to purchase a receiver though, and my budget really doesn't allow for a separate pre/amp setup. I've read a ton about how these speakers need a "warm" receiver to sound their best. I think breaking them in will help, but can anyone recommend a receiver out there, for below $1,500, that will be a great match for this system? Currently, I'm looking at the Marantz SR-7000 and the Pioneer Elite VSX-37TX (which I can get a pretty good deal on). Also, I hadn't even considered biwiring these speakers, but everyone I talk to really thinks I should. What all is involved in that process, and will it really make a differnce? Thanks a ton! Jason
it seems you've read good advice. of all the higher end recievers , the marantz's seem the most musical (read warm). of all the marantz's, the 7000 is the best bang for buck. i own this combo for my home theater. marantz has great warranty. 7000 has good remote. better than pioneer stuff, although they do give deep discounts. DO biwire if you can afford.the better the speaker wire the better. good luck!
I own a pair of Monitor 2.5 speakers which I use in a second system with a NAD receiver and MIT Terminator 5 speaker cables. The sound is warm and smooth. I have heard the Silver 9's and found them to be among the best imaging and revealing speakers for the money. However, in the setup I heard, which was with entry level separates, they did seem to have a leaner midrange than my little 2.5's. I would suggest trying a NAD integrated amp or receiver with them. Biwiring will effect a noticable improvement in dynamics, bass response and clarity if done properly. However I have found that a single run of really good speaker cable will outperform 2 runs of bad speaker cable, so budget accordingly. The single MIT Terminator 5 mentioned above clobbered a double run of Radio Shack Mega Cable.
HI, you may want to take a look at Audio Refinement. I was listening to some Pass X series and YBA stuff showing a friend of what high end was all about. But his complant was it was very detailed, transparent but not warm enough. So the deal brought out some Audio Refinement Equipment and it really fit the bill at a third of the price about $795.00 I think. See if you can find a dealer. Very nice looking , built well.
I have the same speakers and I use a Pioneer Elite VSX 29X which I think is a good match. I tried single runs and biwire and I think the biwire sounds better by a long shot. The cable I'm using now is the Purist Audio Elementa which was recomended by Bob from the cable company it really seems to mate well with the speakers and receiver.
Thank you all so much for all of your advise. I just heard a new Denon AVR-3801 today and was quite impressed. The price/permormance ratio really jumped out at me ($899). I really couldn't believe I was listening to a receiver I could get for $899! I found it to be even warmer than the Marantz (which really surprised me!), but I didn't have the chance to put it up directly against the Pioneer. I'm still trying to find a NAD dealer in my area. I hope I get the chance to test their stuff out. It's still a toss up though, but I'm really taking my time. I'll let you know what I end up going with.
I really like NAD equipment. I think it has a rich, warm, full bodied sound. Very good bass response. Maybe exactly what you are looking for.