Best wall-mounted home theater speakers?

I am moving to a small Boston condo and my wife has declared that the big honking speakers must go. I spend about 75% of my time listening to music, 25% watching DVDs. What do you think the best wall-mounted speaker solution would be? Is is worth spending big $$$ something like the KEF KHT9000 series, or am I going to be annoyed with the bass no matter what and should just save the money for a TV upgrade? Among the satellites, are there meaningful differences between the KHT 2005 series, the Anthony Gallo satellites, and Mirage's Omnisat speakers?
Best in what price range? I'm not personally familiar with them, but the Legacy speakers are getting good press. But they are not inexpensive.
Thanks for the post, Txp1. I have to admit that at ~ $1800 a speaker, buying 5 of the Legacy speakers is out of my range. I have in mind systems that would cost between $1500-3500 used, incl sub.
Out of my range too!

Paradigm makes some in-wall speakers (or at least did). Check their website.

I have Paradigm Ref. 60's in a separate home theater system, and I had them in my audio system until I upgraded speakers.
Paradigm just released some new cinema series on walls that sound fantastic. If you want to step it up I would reccomend the James 62-OW on walls. They sound great and they have a patented frequency adjustment which really helps in hard to manage rooms.