Best wall mountable center channel speaker?


I have some Von Schweikert 4Srs which I really like and may want to replace my center channel cinema. I need something that can be mounted or at least put on a reasonable size shelf. The VS Visiun is a great center but not something you'd want to mount on your wall. Any recommendations on something with some real umph to it that is clear, accurate and doesn't weigh more than a TV?
Anyone here ever try the Totem?
Vienna Acoustics
Have you looked at the other Von Scweikert centers: LCR-4 and the Unifield center? I have the latter on top of my cabinet under the TV, with VR-33s for main speakers, and it matches well. It is like a Unifield 1 on its side - same size and weight - much smaller than the Visiun (though it doesn't seem to be on their web site).
Thanks the LCR-4 is a tad deep. I was hoping for something designed to be wall mounted as it would have to be above my screen.

I love my VS 4SRs but VS just doesn't have anything practical for my screen environment.