best vocal harmonies in rock

What r'n'r artists (or records) feature great vocal harmonies? To keep the list more manageable, let's stay with the post doo-wop period. Brian Wilson/Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren/Utopia and Lindsey Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac -among others- all qualify in my book. Who do you like?

Some of my favorite Beatles harmonies are from early performances, such as "This Boy" on the Ed Sullivan Show and
"To Know Her is to Love Her" from Live at the BBC. Great stuff.
And I forgot to mention Peter, Paul and Mary on my list.
The Roches (three sisters) are the best harmonies I've heard. Kind of like the female Everly Brothers with the third sibling harmony. Urban folk and stunning.
alex chilton and chris bell of Big Star.
Not a big Abba fan but their harmonies were fantastic.
+ 1 for The Association