best vocal harmonies in rock

What r'n'r artists (or records) feature great vocal harmonies? To keep the list more manageable, let's stay with the post doo-wop period. Brian Wilson/Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren/Utopia and Lindsey Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac -among others- all qualify in my book. Who do you like?

Crosby, Stills and Nash always managed to do interesting harmonies. Three fine singers with different vocal ranges.

Then, of course, there was Peter, Paul and Mary and The Mamas and the Papas.

Kings X
Beatles, Chicago, Ambrosia, Loggins & Messina, Eagles, M-Pact, Take 6 about Lennon/McCartney? Probably the best of all time?
Concur with all the above my addition would be The Everly Bros.

Also The Moody Blues, Wings, The Hollies, the Outlaws, Doobie Brothers, Eagles, B-52s, Grateful Dead, New Riders of the Purple Sage, original King Crimson, Steely Dan, Alan Parson's Project, Uriah Heep, amazingly even Steve Hackett in some of his solo work.
the posies
the byrds
richard/linda thompson
Three Dog Night, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart.
Hall & Oates

what about the Beach Boys?!

If you own more than their Greatest Hits, then this is pretty damn obvious!
This is all without any (yes I mean ZERO) instruments and was recorded on a Paris Subway. Naturaly 7. Somebody asked about Phil Collins drums on this song in another thread - well here you can hear drums but it is done all by voice!!!
Shame Queen could not perform (to my knowledge, correct me If I am wrong), Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety live.

Meatloaf and whatever female he is trying to croon at the time.

Darts (70's british band)more pop than rock.

Rock Follies.(also 70's).
Shame Queen could not perform (to my knowledge, correct me If I am wrong), Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety live.

The chorus is heavily overdubbed it would hardly sound like an operatic chorus if only four sang it. Think of Verdi's Chorus of Hebrew Slaves...that is the effect they wanted.
I'll second the Beach Boys, incredible harmonies

With "Bohemian Rhapsody", you're talking about a song with so many tracks on it that the original tape master literally became transparent due to all of the layers the band kept adding.

No one in the world could duplicate that.

If you're suggesting that Queen didn't deliver the goods onstage, have a look-see at this - I'd say they hit the harmonies pretty impressively - not to mention the rest of the musicianship going on.
Second the Everly Bros. didn't see the Eagles listed. Maybe not rock but Ronstadt, Harris and Parton had some great harmonies
Heartsfield, Dan Fogelberg, Tufano & Giammarese, Batdorf & Rodney, The Fairfield Four.
Believe it or not, and regardless of any other musical significance ,or lack thereof, the group Van Halen has always displayed very good vocal harmonies on their records.
How about Simon and Garfunkle, and Yes
In the prog/rock realm, Uriah Heep had no competition.
I will add Bonny-M to the list.
Actually, Lindisfarne reminded me that the group "Lindisfarne" was pretty darn good also.

Also the Dutch prog-rock band "Kayak" produced many purely heavenly vocal harmonies.

While in the prog-rock vein, toos in the Canadian prog-rockers "Klaatu"
seminal...the hollies, moby grape,the association, the beach boys(of course), the buffalo springfield, the dillards, harold melvin and the blue notes, the lovin spoonful, poco, and in an intirely different way, early humble pie.
Great call, Mapman. I guess there are some of us here who know music, not just hifi.
Klaatu's vocal harmonies went a long way towards making many people seriously ponder the false rumor that they were in fact the Beatles incognito back in the middle 70's.
the byrds..all incarnations
PP&M on roids.
Little River Band
You are all wrong......Bee Gees...end of story.
YEah, Bee Gees and LRB are good! Forgot about them.

Since most of the responses seem to be so focused on acoustic music, I'll throw out something more recent:

Nickel Creek

At least in this decade, they were unsurpassed when it came to vocal harmonies...
I bow to the person who mentioned the Bee Gees. VERY unfair that it took us over 30 posts.
What about Teenage Fanclub? They're frequently compared to the Byrds and are affectionately referred to as the Bellshill Beach Boys because of their vocal harmonies.
great thread....i'm alittle off track as usual but I'll add the Staple Singers & the Seldom Scene
England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Zappa. See especially Freak Out, Ruben and the Jets, You are What You Is, Thingfish.
Fairport Convention,alittle more twang Buddy & Julie Miller, Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson rattlin bones
If we're considering groups with more folk than rock leanings gotta through in the original Kingston Trio as one of the all time best.
the temps all all motown groups, the searchers, the tremeloes, the cyrkle...and yep, the four seasons (go see jersey boys now), the critters, the tokens, the tradewinds(nyc pop)....and yep, everything by the bee gees up through 'main course' is unreal.
Bee Gees certainly got huge mileage out of their vocal harmonizing and it certainly became the most unique and recognizable aspect of their music, perhaps more so than any other.
Shangri-Las I just saw over in Music Direct that there is a album, two disc coming out. I remember seeing them in 1964.
For punk, you could add the Misfits to the list. Astro Zombies is a terrific song. This is punk, keep in mind.
Bee Gees
Little River Band
Eagles (versions 1 and 2)
Beach Boys
Linda Ronstadt's Peter Asher produced albums
Buffalo Springfield
City Boy
Doobie Bros
Peter, Paul, & Mary
hey bill, the strawbs..nice catch
Ditto on The Strawbs.

I almost spit their name out but hadn't listened to them in a while so was not sure.

I need to do that!
jellyfish both albums - SPILT MILK and Bellybutton.
Didn't see Simon & Garfunkel above. Jefferson Starship. Manhattan Transfer (perhaps stretching "Rock" category here). Pure Prarie League. Poco. Flying Burrito Brothers.