Best vinyl stereo press of Hendrix - Experienced?

What's the best sounding vinyl (stereo) press of Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced in your opinion?

Thanks and have a GREAT day!
I hope you get a direct reply as I'm encouraging you Hendrix lovers to check out the recent vinyl pressings of "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" (2010) and "Valley's of Neptune (2010). Both are 2 disc vinyl sets and both are sonic and visual delights as they were carefully mixed and lovingly packaged. Hendix lovers should have no fears of being exploited as these are wonderful additions to the Hendrix music legacy and I can't rave enough about them. The music and the sound quality is astounding. The music has a timeless quality to it and belies the fact it was recorded 40 years ago. Wow, proof that excellence withstands the test of time. Finally, I have no relationship with the Hendrix estate who now controls all his music.
'First Rays Of The New Rising Sun' - Had Hendrix lived, this would've been considered his greatest record, bar none. He died, and the decision was made to release it as 2 separate records; 'Cry Of Love' & 'Rainbow Bridge'. While both of the records (especially COL)are excellent, his original concept is the true mindblower.

With all due respect, IMO I can't see how one can even mention 'Valleys...' in the same breath as 'First Rays...'. One is the consumate expression of his artistic vision prior to him dying, the other is basically bottom of the barrel outtakes that Jimi would've NEVER allowed to be released to the public!
>>06-17-10: Chazro
'First Rays Of The New Rising Sun' - Had Hendrix lived, this would've been considered his greatest record, bar none<<

Not a chance.

Electric Ladyland is Jimi's masterpiece.
Debatable. But talk about debating over an abundance of riches!! No doubting 'Ladyland's brilliance. But I think it ultimately was more of Jimi as the guitar-slinger whereas 'First Rays...' was really showing his growth as a songwriter. Plz don't get me wrong, IMO, there was no greater guitar-slinger than Jimi Hendrix. The point is beyond his extraordinary guitar playing skill, there was that universe of music contained in his psyche! It's been close to 40 yrs and I STILL fantasize about the music that would've,could've, and should've been created. I still lament the loss of Jimi Hendrix.
Back to square one... and beyond: What are the best vinyl
pressings in terms of AUDIO QUALITY ? Are the Track UK
pressings the very best really, and after UK then came the
German pressings ? Thank you.
"Electric Ladyland" is the masterpiece. The first true prog
compositions are "Moon Turn the Tides... Gently Gently Away"
and Procol Harum´s "Shine on Brightly" both from 1968.
Love the Live at Monterey album released on Record Store Day.
They were playing People, Hells, and Angels in one of the Montreal Show rooms in March. It certainly sounded good, was pressed at QRP.
Seek out the French Barkely issue of AYE amd Axis mono
They say it sounds better than the UK first issue.
If you don't want to be raped price wise the recent Legacy pressing is damn good in my opinion,the Hendrix family was involved and it's analog.