Best Vinyl Preserver

LAST....Liquid Archival Sound Treatment. The last (no pun intended) place in Tucson Arizona that used to stock this no longer carries it. Where can I get more? The box says the Last is (was?) based in Livermore Calif. If you have not heard a disc treated with LAST, you are not getting optimal sound from your vinyl.
I think I have seen LAST in ads from Elusive Disk, The NeedleDoctor, and Audio Advisor. I agree that it's great stuff - I have about 2500 LP's, and almost all have been treated with LAST.
In addition to the sources for LAST that I listed in my previous message, you can also buy LAST from MusicDirect. The sell the 2-ounce bottles for $30 each, and also have a 16-ounce bottle that sells for $170. You can call Music Direct at 1-800-449-8333.
Thanks for the information!!