Best vinyl of "Who's Next"

I have the MCA 1/2 speed masterphile record and I think its very detailed but to some degree maybe a little to much so. The Lowry organ sounds fantastic but the cymbles have a lot of sibilence. Overall all I like the sound in which what I would call aggressive. I also have the Classic Record Quiex vinyl as well. It is much more mellow but not as detailed. With the MCA, you can hear the acoustic guitar fade out in the middle right before the organ comes in on "Won't Get Fooled Again". I also played it with the CD and the speed is a little slower. I also have a 2nd or 3rd pressing of the original record which sounds quite good, Which versions that you have heard sound the best?
I listen for John’s one-time low bass note at the end of the lyric repeats of "teenage wasteland," right on the "age" syllable on the last refrain of Baba. There’s a specific synergy between Entwistle and Moon right at that point that has always been my "reference yardstick" of how impactful and dynamic a given pressing of Who’s Next is.  I have the orginal Decca, Classic and MCA and the latter is my favorite.
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If able have you tried adjusting the VTA on your tonearm to accommodate the extra thickness on The MCA and Classic vinyl? 
Excellent idea!!!!!Yes I have a graham 2.2 tonearm and can adjust while its running. The shibita stylus that I have on my old Ortofon cadenza bronze and my 2m black are very sensitive to height adjustment. I have adjusted them but maybe not enough. The 1/2 speed master does not sound as spitty or have as much sibilence with the 2m black. Maybe I just did a better job aligning it or adjusting tbe VTA. But I will definitely revisit this and play the Classic record with the VTA adjusted very high. Very high and see how the needle tracks. Oh a comment I keep reading is the 2m black picks up more surface noise. Not the case with me of course the other ortofon had a lot of surface noise and was always dirty. I will never use a gel cleaner again!!!!!! When I took it off I scrubbed and scrubbed and scruubed hard because the needle was old anyway with a stylus brush and cleaner and at least could finally see half  the needle.  Thats for another post!!
Nice tonearm. Yeah standard Vinyl is 120 grams and most audiophile recordings are 180 or 200 grams. The thickness of the wax has to be accounted for maximum benefit. I adjust with different thickness. I even have a few 150 gram recordings.
+1 viridian! I too had the British Track pressing - but alas, lost it moving! Any US pressing will do!
If they still make them invest in a Signet Electronic Stylus Cleaner. Gets your stylus as clean as a hounds tooth. Hand held,turn on, put vibrating pad on needle, 10 seconds later wahla.
Not an audiophile yet. I have an really nice system, but my TT is junk by audiophile standards. Was going through my old LPs (most of them got sold years ago) and found a copy of Who's next that I do not remember buying. I might have won it on a radio giveaway in the late 1980s. It is the MCA and it looks like it has never been played. And it sounds pretty good.