best vintage or new speaker for MC240 and C-11

trying to determine what the best all around speakers for enjoying vinyl on my C-11 and MC240 system.

money really isn't an issue, however i don't want to buy a speaker far beyond the capabilities of my C-11/MC240 combo.

i'd like to buy a great vintage set that has tremendous detail and soundstage, however i suspect that much has been done int he way of RandD to improve on that... any thoughts? I listen to a mixture of jazz, sinatra, and a lot of classic rock.
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Look for a system that is fairly efficient and that does not require a high damping factor. Tannoy, Klipsch, or Spendor would all be good in different ways. A classic Bozak system can sometimes be found, more likely on ebay or Craigs list than here. Will likely need some work but still capable of sounding good.
Altec Lansing is also a posibility. There is a pair of Tannoy GRFs on ebay now with an opening bid of $4500. Assuming them to be in the shape they appear to be in this is quite a good deal in MHO. GRF stands for Guy R. Fountain, who was head of Tannoy back in the Golden Age. A friend use to have a pair, may still for all I know, and they were most impressive despite being in a room far too small for them.
IMO,I would sell the Macs as they bring good money,much better gear out there for similar $$$(and i invested in Mac gear for years)...but if content on keeping I would agree with above post adding JBL to the mix,maybe eliminating the Tannoys as they are very pricey/overrated.