Best vintage Marantz receivers?

My apologies if this is a topic that has already been heavily covered.

I'm looking to get a vintage Marantz receiver. Thus far I've read (in another forum) that any 22xx models are well regarded. Does anyone have anything to add to this, or possibly disagree with it, altogether?

What are the most recommended, or respected, models for amp quality, all vintage models considered?

I have a 1973 marantz 2265b Stereophonics receiver that's flawless in excellent condition for sale if your intrested
I have a marantz 2385 for sale .It's been in storage for more than 25 years need to sell I'm retired now and loved it and just got it out of storage and plugged it in.. Every thing lights up but no sound. Don't know exactly what is wrong. Could be an easy fix.  Must sell asking $1.500. Pick up only. I live in East Texas. Willing to meet up.
Thanks Andy:
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