Best vintage Marantz receivers?

My apologies if this is a topic that has already been heavily covered.

I'm looking to get a vintage Marantz receiver. Thus far I've read (in another forum) that any 22xx models are well regarded. Does anyone have anything to add to this, or possibly disagree with it, altogether?

What are the most recommended, or respected, models for amp quality, all vintage models considered?

I owned a Marantz 2270 from the late 1970's. My son owns it now. It has functioned flawlessly. I had it in the shop once for an inspection and cleaning. It is built like a tank, very heavy, and the analogue dial for the fm tuning has a beautiful blue glow. It has a phono stage and tape loops. Highly recommended. To my understanding, the 2270 had 70 wpc, the 2225 had 25 wpc, the 2290 had 90 etc. But, there was also a 2300 series which, for example, had (the model 2325=125 wpc)greater power, so I would not rule these out of consideration.
If you're an FM fan, the Model 18 and 19 had their top tuners inside them with the really cool ocilloscope. Only 40 and 50 wpc if that will do. I also like the 22xx series.
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There were two series of the Marantz 22XX receivers.

There were the receivers with the dark dial face made during the early 70's and those with the silver dial face made during the late 70's. Most of these later series Marantz receivers had a "B" designation, i.e.: 2216B.

Each model was tuned to sound a bit different. The 2230 has a very tube like sound, as do the Marantz "baby" receivers ... the 2215, 2216, 2216B, and 2220. The XX designation stands for wpc output into 8 ohms across the entire frequency for a period of 60 minutes. The 2270 was a bit different as it produced 70 wpc into 8 phms and only 45 or so into 4 ohms (you would expect it to be different).

The higher wattage receivers ... 2285, 2300, and 2325 are very much in demand. The 2250 and 2265 are nice ones to start out with.

I own the 2216B and 2240. Excellent tuners, warm beefy sounding amplifiers. They sound pretty good with CD players. As for speakers, I had the best success with acoustic suspension models like NHT SB2's and AR 302's and less so with rear ported models.

Regards, Rich
The 2270 seems to be a classic. Came out in 1971, last made in 1975.

Back in the the late 70s I bought a new Marantz 2265B receiver. Though it said Marantz, it was made by Superscope. Still a nice receiver though.
I do not know for sure if the 2270 was made before marantz sold out to Superscope.

If you are thinking about picking one up and you are buying site unseen ask lots of questions. Finding one near mint will be tough. For one in really good shape you will pay dearly.

classic audio
Marantz 2270
Here's a link to the Classic Marantz site:

I have owned several of the vintage Marantz receivers. I currently have a 2330 and love it. One of the most sought after units is the 2325. It is supposed to have the best FM receiver of the lot. It's hard to go wrong with an old Marantz.
To add to Jea's response ...

The pre-1978 Marantz models are the most desireable. Saul Marantz had sold his company back in the late 60's to Superscope. Superscope was a very benign owner and did not look to muck around with Marantz' original designs.

In 1980, Superscope sold Marantz to Phillips and things were never quite the same afterwards. This is very similar to when Acoustic Research was sold to Teledyne and Fisher was sold to the same conglomerate that made cheap mass market electronics under the names of Emerson (another old time US radio brand that had been sold) and Sanyo. Fisher went from beautiful work like the 400 and 500 receivers to the rather poor performing Studio Standard line.

It was a very bad time for the American stereo business, as most of the American manufacturers had to move production overseas (it was cheaper) and eventually had to sell out altogether, as the Japanese manufacturers (Sansui, Pioneer, SONY, Panasonic/Technics, Kenwood, Onkyo, JVC, etc.) took over.

Regards, Rich
Great receivers. Even the sound in the smaller ones (2216) was great. Plenty of power at 16 watts.
However, I would try to find one of the models with pre-amp outputs. This allows some more flexibility.
The tuner section is awesome.
Consider old Sansui also.
I bought a Marantz 27 new in fall of 1970 and it was a Superscope product. Don't know when they bought out Marantz brand but someone made design decisions that greatly downgraded the product. Very disappointing performance but I believe most if not all the 22xx series were far better - perhaps reacting to the poor performance of the early '70s products.

By the mid-'70s, Harman-Kardon, Sansui, and several others offered some very good products. To generalize, my experience suggests the '75-'80 period offers the best of the later (meaning solid state) vintage electronics.
I had many of this receivers back in the 70s, the best to my knowledge was a 2325 which had a great amp/preamp section.

I would also agree on the above recommendation for the 18, unfortunalty it has become a collectors item (which not) and looks overpriced to me right now.

I would also recommend the 4300 or the 4400, nice units with Dolby capabilities.


Out of 9 Marantz 70's recievers I have owned, the very best in sound-sonics I felt was the absolutely mint 2285B Black Face Euro version I owned. (and also had the matching 5025 Casette)

Dummy that I was to ever sell this pair, which I did about 4 years ago, and I did donate pictures of this pair to Ben Blish's Classic Marantz Site. They are still pictured there to be seen.

I owned two 2330B recievers (both mint) and IMO, neither had the quality of sound of the 2285B.

Also owned a bought new 4400 Quad reciever back in the day, it was a cool looking Unit, with its built-in CRT for sound display, and Radio Tuning, yet somewhat unorthodox compared to other Marantz Recievers of the day, with its Square Buttons versus all the rest using IMO prettier Round Function Buttons.

The CRT Blew 6 months later, and I dumped it for Macintosh Gear. This could be a monkey wrench buying, as once the CRT goes, you lose tuning capability.
While looking cool, the CRT offered no sonic benefit.

Another fine Reciever I owned, and again regret selling, was a mint 2265 I scored off ebay some years back for $100. This I felt came in second right behind the 2285B. Others, like the 2238B were nice for the smaller offerings, but no cigar against the 2285B.

Yes, there are more exotic, rare models out there which will set you back some serious change in today's market, such as the 2385B, the 2500, and 2600, and while I've never personally heard any of these three, I have read other owner's comments about the 2500-2600, and they weren't exactly totally thrilled by their sound compared to some of the other Marantz recievers. Both I believe also used rear mounted Fans.

While Sansui isn't perhaps as highly sought after, nor as pretty as the vintage Marantz, many times I preferred the Sound of the Sansui, with Units such as the Sansui 7000, Sansui Seven, Eight, and Eight Deluxe.

I've personally owned all of these, and all are absolutely kick-butt Recievers, exhibit very good clarity, and a sweetness of sound that many Marantz recievers just didn't duplicate. All were built like Tanks, and as others here know, didn't require optional Wood Cases like the Marantz.

Others. such as the 8080, 9090, 9090DB, G-7500 were said to also be very fine sounding Units, and as far as bang for the buck, these few will both nicely fit the bill as being very tough to beat sonically for the money. Hope this helps, Mark
I agree on Markd51 notes on the Sansui sound, I also owned at least a dozen from them and sounded great with JBL L100, ADS 810 or even JBL L65.

Back to Marantz receivers, the very top 2500 was not cool sounding as the 2325, and you can tell that from the resale price of both units.

Hope this adds up to your search

Hello Hitter,
I wouldn't suspect the Silver-Faced 2285B version sounding different than the Black-Faced Euro version.

Only differences I saw, was the different Power Cords, the 2285B had already had the Power Cord Changed, but I did have to convert the 5025B to a US Power Cord.

As for aesthetics-cosmetics, the Silver Face Version is also very beautiful, especially when lit up in the dark, but the Black Faced Unit really made all those Silver Knobs, Silver Buttons, and Silver Dial Face really pop!

I reckon never say never though, as there could've been minor differences interally with different brand electronic parts? I've never had a US version 2285B to compare it with.

As always, there can be subtle variations between even the exact same two models.

Ben Blish on his vintage Marantz site himself could probably comment more on this, and also perhaps some of the gurus in the Marantz section of the AudioKarma Forums. Hope this helps, Mark
I have to go with the Marantz 2270 too. I purchased one in 1972 and sold it to my Uncle in 1974. He is still using it and it looks fantastic. About 10 years ago I told him he should take it to this tuner specialist in the NYC area and get the inside cleaned. I am still amazed at how sweet it sounds especially with the EPI 201 speakers I sold him too.
Model 18. Sonic superior to all the others. Last component and only receiver built by Marantz before it was sold to Superscope, distributor of Sony tapedecks. Less power than the 19 but more open and rounded sound. A classic!
When I was a post-doc at Stanford, I spent a month's stipend on a Model 18 that one of the grad students was able to buy at a discount because he also worked for a recording studio. I still have it, sitting on a shelf in our media room. It may have had only 40 watts per channel, but it drove any speakers I used with it to insane levels, including a pair of the notoriously inefficient AR3as. It's not used now, but it has great sentimental value to me; I wish I had a place to use it -- I still have the old AR3as in a closet as well. I highly recommend the 18.

My 2270 just became my main system with Polk Monitor 10As. Both are near mint and all I can say is I do not miss my separates. The music is just there. Plenty of power and detail for all music. Also collectable and gorgeous looks.
I used to own many of the 2230, 2245, 2275, and the 2330. I wish I still had the 2330. Hard to find, expensive, but worth it. I'd start with a 2270, then go up from there. My basement system has a 2252 powering it.

Does anyone know of a web site to download a Marantz 2275 receiver owners/operators manual?

Nice to hear good things about the old Marantz receivers. I have a 2226 that my dad bought when I was a kid. It became mine around '85. Then I went into the Army in '87. It sat in a box in an unheated/uncooled garage until 2 years ago or so. My mom called and told me it was still there. I went and picked it up and it still worked. I did a decent cleaning, new fuse lamps, cleaned and painted the cover and it still sounds great, even through an el cheapo pair of speakers.
Questions--I will be powering Klipsch Forte II speakers. Which route would be
best regarding Marantz, separate amp, preamp, tuner or a receiver? If separates
are purchased, Marantz or Phase LInear? (I've owned both.) I am open to any and all recommendations. Thank you, Patrick
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Thank you. I'll prefer tubes but assume they will be more $$$$. The search
continues. Patrick
Any chance you could recommend a NAD receiver and/or NAD amp, preamp, tuner? Thank you again. Patrick
A couple of years ago I purchased a Marantz 2275 receiver here on Agon and sent it to Mike Zuccaro in San Diego for realignment and thorough check-out. It is in my second system driving a pair of AR-3s or Large Advents and it sounds fantastic. The musicality is what I remember hearing in the 50s,60, and 70s that I find missing from a lot of today's equipment
I find that I do not worry anymore about not hearing the 12th violinist play flat on a recording or someone turning pages. I just enjoy the total musical experience a hell of a lot more. When I listen to my main system, I am concentrating on depth, air, width of stage, imaging
and detail etc. It is difficult to grasp the musical aspect when worrying about all this crap. I don't even think about it with the other system.
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The last 2275 I had was purchased at an estate sale for $30. Had the wood cabinet, too.

Sympaticonorm, check that other auction site for your 2275 user manual. Should find a service manual there too. If not found right away, keep checking
While I love the sound of my Marantz 2252B/Klipsch Heresy and Quartet combo, 80's and 90's Denon integrateds sound fantastic with my Klipsch. Very neutral with fast punchy bass and fine detail.

I have a pair of 1977 Klipsch Cornwall speakers with the Bob Crites cornscalla midrange horns. Prior to adding the corscalla midrange horns, I drove the Cornwalls with a Cary preamp and a pair of Cary SET 8 WPC amplifiers. This had a very nice sound but was lacking in the midrange. Then I upgraded the Cornwalls with the Crites midrange horns and crossovers. The Cary SET amps no longer could get these speakers off the ground. I then tried some of my older Pioneer receivers (SX-850, SX-980, ans SX-1080). These drove the Cornwalls much better but sounded just a little on the bright side. Then I got a Marantz 2270 reciver and tried it. Wow. The Cornwalls sounded just right. The midrange and bass opened up nicely. I also picked up a Marantz 2252B and a 2285B. The 2252B and the 2285B have more detail than the 2270 does, but the 2270 has a nicer midrange and is a tad more musical than the other Marantz receivers that I own. It just amazes me how good these 30 - 40 year old receivers sound yet. To my knowledge, these receivers are all original yet.
Here are my choices for my first vintage Receiver. Let me know thoughts. I'll be pairing with a set of Allison Four's or Allison 7's.

model 2270
Model 2235B
I suggest you the 22XX' models. I had a 2215 bought few years ago and I just bought a vintage marantz amp 2230 and totally recommend this model.

They are all good and not expensive. I found mine on this website Vintage Marantz, quiet interesting for thoses who are looking for vintage marantz receivers.
Agree. I own a Superscope 350, which is probably best related to a 2275, but in Quad. A pleasure to listen to and the build quality is second to none. I only see this in Luxman products in Japan and they are luxury priced.
i bought a 4300 4 chanell reciever back in the early 70's. mine was back ordered because it was'nt available yet. they did'nt even have the wood cabinet either. i still have it but it's in retirement!
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The 2275 was always my favorite of the bunch,I rebuilt and upgraded it about 15yrs ago and is on permanent loan to my sister and she uses it daily and just loves it.

I have a 2252B and upgraded the lights to blue LED.  It is a beautiful receiver but I think the above poster was right that Sansui upper model receivers sound a little better. I have a Sansui 8 (non deluxe) and a Luxman 1050R and both sound better. Just my 2 cents and I don't think you can go wrong with most Marantz models. The 2230 is supposed to sound more tube like.
I have a 1973 marantz 2265b Stereophonics receiver that's flawless in excellent condition for sale if your intrested
I have a marantz 2385 for sale .It's been in storage for more than 25 years need to sell I'm retired now and loved it and just got it out of storage and plugged it in.. Every thing lights up but no sound. Don't know exactly what is wrong. Could be an easy fix.  Must sell asking $1.500. Pick up only. I live in East Texas. Willing to meet up.
Thanks Andy: