Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?

Howdy folks-

We’ll I’ve got the vinyl bug for sure. 6 months ago, I bought my first TT, a nice Technics 1200 GR along with some killer vintage MM carts like Audio-Technica, Stanton and a few Grace. I love my GR! I love that little silver bastard A LOT as a matter of fact. A couple weeks ago, my second table arrived, a minty fresh Luxman PD-444 from Japan. This is a Micro Seiki built TT and was the "tits" in the mid 70’s. I can mount 2 arms on the Luxman. I’ve got a nice Victor 7045 arm coming soon along with a Victor X-1IIe MM cart which work quite well together.

I’d like to add another Vintage TT from the 70’s or 80’s and probably phase out the GR. I like the look of the old Pioneer, Denon and Victor tables. I’d like to get a vintage table that can be serviced if needed, something I can add a sweet vintage arm too. 3 arms are better than two!

I’d like to hear suggestions and comments on some fantastic, cool as crap, vintage turntables that you think should sit next to the Luxman.

Thanks again for your help!


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TT-101 going right to JP Jones from here in a huge bullet proof package. My sample is working, excellent condition, here i’m checking the pitch for the last time. After complete restoration it will be Brent’s first flying saucer (I have another one for myself here).
@chakster as you know, I’ve got the Victor 7045 and 7082 waiting here in Museum and Victor carts. It will be a saucer invasion. Very excited to sit the TT101 next to Luxman with the Sony PUA-7 arm XL50 cart and the FR-64x with PMC3 cart.

Finally, I can login. 

None of the units I've worked on have had selectable transformer taps.  It may be that the Japanese domestic units did not while some of the export units did.  At any rate, it looks like Totem may have a rare unit.