Best Vintage Dac??

I'm looking for one of the above,or,some suggestions,to find one
Its for a desktop setup,with the new Elears.
Any thoughts will be appreciated.

the Audio quest dragon fly blows the doors of my  MSB Link3 i would stick with something newer I agree with ghosthouse
I just purchase the Elears as well, but went with Ayre Codex for the DAC.  Only a week breakin so far, but I do like what I'm hearing.
But to answer your question I  might look towards a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC
Why the hell would you want a vintage DAC...??! There are so many excellent modern budget DACs...
In the past i’ve owned a California Audio Lab’s (CAL) Alpha, a Audio Alchemy Digital Decoding Engine v10 (DAC) and a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista. These days they are all considered very vintage. Of the three, the Tri-Vista was the better, followed by the CAL Alpha, yet the AA DAC was pretty good, looking back.

Of the 3 the Audio Alchemy device may have the lowest current value.

The strange thing is, I never sold the CAL or the AA and have them stored away.