best vintage 70s, 80s amp?

Looking for a vintage amp for late nights listening sessions,

I mostly listen to jazz, rock and classical.

I loved the Aragon amps, which were introduced in the 80's.Vintage Threshold Stasis amps were nice too!
Great American Sound (GAS) Ampzilla series, the Son of Ampzilla in particular.
Aragon showed their new amps at CEDIA. They looked good. Aragon has been purchased from Klipsh.
I always liked the Hafler DH-220 amplifier and if you can deal with the fan noise a Sumo Nine or Sumo Nine Plus. Either of these amps will keep you warm at night. Especially the Sumo Nine.

Good luck with the search.
There seems to be some confusion about Aragon and quality because Dan D'agostino had something to do with the design. However, Aragon has more in common with Adcom than Krell.

There are too many good sounding amplifiers from the '70s and '80s like Krell, Mark Levinson, Threshold, Audio Research, Quicksilver, Robertson and Dynaco are just a few that come to mind.
I own a Pioneer Ser. 20 M-22 30W Class A amp(late '70's vintage) and the sound is incredible. If you don't need a ton of power and don't mind the heat, it's hard to beat. Very detailed and musical, with great bass and holographic imaging. Not the easiest thing to find, but worth the search.
Lot's of them
McIntosh(holds its value)
Audio Research
BK 202 Plus
Jazz, rock, and classical - that pretty much covers all the bases sonically. Why are you looking for a vintage amp? What is it about it being vintaged that appeals to you? And, do you want SS or tube recommendations?
I like
Luxman M-4000
Tandberg 3000 series

You may want to consider some of the 90's-current amps as they may require less upkeep. 70's-80's amps are a great deal untill they blow up. A 30-40 year old amp is kinda like a time bomb waiting to blow. It might pay to spend a little more and get something recent from Parasound, CJ, ARC , Bryston There are so many great amps to choose from.

For example I sold my Tandberg 3000 system which I loved and exchanged it for a Krell 400ix and a matching Krell CD 280 I think. This is my son's system and I wanted to get him somthing that was less likely to require service and if it did I know from previous experience that Krell in CT has a great service department and has reasonabe repair rates unlike Harmon Kardon's Mark Levinson for example but thats another story.
Again, what is the motivation for going "vintage"? Also, if you want something from that time that is not likely to blow up on you, I would get a point-to-point wired tube amp like Quicksilver which can run almost forever with some inexpensive capacitor replacements and a new set of tubes and you are almost as good as new.
One of my favorites from back then is the Mission 776/777 combo. No detail by modern standards but punchy as Cassius Clay (time appropriate). Combined with Altecs or Klipsch horns, it could hurt you. Ahead of it's time in many ways. First battery powered preamp.

There were some rare Yamahas and Kenwoods that broke through the consumer electronics barrier but beware of obsolete FETs.
That's easy... IMHO it is the ARC D70 in either Mk 1 or Mk2 versions.
I used to own a Hafler DH220...NOT even in the same league as the ARC.
The ARC is one of the best tube amps I have heard and i believe it will stand up against most any tube amp, even by today's standards. May want to read my review in the review section for more info.
What speakers will it drive? How big a room will it be in? Need more information in order to provide a recommendation.
Junglern what speakers will you be using?
Harman Kardon CITATION Series from Lee Kuby were very good. Circa mid 70's.

I had the CITATION 16 amps and the CITATION 17 Preamp. Still have the CITATION 19 power amp for my SUBS.
Earth to OP.


Excellent thread! If you'll allow, I think one of the best amps was integrated into the Beveridge Model II loudspeakers.

I will be using dali 800 mkII or other advice in terms of a vintage pair as well, i dont know much about good old speakers.
If anyone see anything in audiogone that might be a perfect choice for me, i really appreciate that you notify me,
you guys are great, what a support network i found!
I did never think in create this thread having so many replies
all can i say,

Given your speakers, does that mean you are only interested in Solid State amps?
C1ferrari, The beverage amp was never sold separately. However, Roger Modjeski designed an OTL amplifier that became Counterpoint's first amp called the SA-4. It is probably the same design used in the big Beverage speakers, but Modjeski won't admit it even though he was involved with the Beverage project.

Hi Rrog,

Thanks for the info pertaining to the SA-4. You are correct, the amps for the Beveridge Model II were dedicated units. I've conversed with Roger a couple of times and he's generously offered his experience regarding the Bev direct-drive OTL amps. Coincidently, Roger recently worked on these amps for me and I should be collecting them in the immediate future!